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    Cool article,some talk of possibly playing new songs during the Oz tour… :o ;D


    Lou Barlow Muses On Dinosaur Jr, Their Reformation & Upcoming Tour

    Reported by: spindoctor – Monday, Jan 23, 2006. 16:47

    Dinosaur Jr burst onto the music scene during the mid-’80s, delivering a slap in the face to the moribund mainstream musical environment that prevailed at the time. Formed by J Mascis (guitar and vocals), Lou Barlow (bass) and Murph (drums) in Amherst, Massachusetts in America, they released three landmark albums Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me and Bug during the ’80s before tensions spilled over and Barlow was dumped from the line-up in 1989. The band was one of the seminal influences on Nirvana and the grunge scene that exploded in the 1990s.

    In 2004, after a 15 year hiatus, Dinosaur Jr have reformed with the original line-up, have re-released their first three albums and embarked on an extensive tour which sees the original band heading to Australia for the first time in March. Lou Barlow spoke to FasterLouder.com.au on the eve of their trip down under.

    Barlow started off the conversation by saying how nice it was to be back playing with Dinosaur Jr and went on to explain how the reformation occurred, “J and I played a show together separately, separately but together at a benefit show and during the course of that show we actually reunited our hardcore band, Deep Wound, for the first time. We reunited that band for one song as an encore to J’s set. Then after that it seemed it would be possible that I could play with him again.â€

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