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    Hey, I am visiting my friends Holly and Frank in Madison Georgia.
    rambleon, I think a freak is always up front, knows all the words, sings along, or in my case looks as if they are praying to J. Screams, hoots, and does alot of smiling. I went to the wash room at the Caledonia and there was this beautiful young girl and she was really pissed off, I had had a few glasses of wine and I asked her "Whats wrong" and she said "I don’t know why I am here" You see she is NOT a FREAK, :( too bad!

    but I would love to know more about a California Freak.



    The show freaking blew me away. I was the one of the people on the floor going nuts. I wasn’t really air guitaring, but I had little control over what my hands were doing. I was self-conscious for about two seconds, and then I realized that I don’t give two shits about what people at the House of Blues thought about me and how I was enjoying the show. It was easily my favorite J show since I saw Dino and My Bloody Valentine at the Metro in Chicago. I only wish I hadn’t arrived at the HOB early, thinking that the show was starting at 8:00. The late start did allow me the time to walk outside and puff a couple of times. The other highlight of the show for me was seeing the guitarist for the Tyde, my favorite local band, enjoying the show, especially the SST stuff. I’ve pretty much been playing Dino ever since the show.



    cool … i think english people are a little more reserved than americans :!: :mrgreen: … i’m not sure i’ve ever seen a total freak freaking out at one of j’s shows here …

    we want more freak reports :aliensmile: :aliensmile:

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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