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    I’m really new to vinyl but know i want a turntable as opposed to a record player. I’m looking for something either with speakers built in or packaged with them, it would be cool if it could be upgraded later ( speakers). I hear that some have crappy bass sounds and that doesn’t work for me, so sound quality is important. As far as budget goes looking for something cheapish but can be upgraded later with new speakers etc.



    Hi Jade, small point if you mean table and speakers as one unit that’s a record player. Don’t know what your budget is but I’m guessing small as mega-buck tables are easy to find and almost all are great. Your best source for affordable tables today is second hand record shops as they seem to be buying out old warehouse stock and selling at reasonable prices. Good choices for direct drive are any of the Technics SL series (very popular with DJs) and the older Regas are good for very plain-jane belt drives. Both have the potential for good sound but be advised there is much more variability of sound quality with tables than disc players and vintage junk is still junk.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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