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    QUOTE:Please email me with anything off my list you want me to vine. At work I get free cdr’s (TY’s), mailers and postage, so fire away!

    Setting up a server: At my law firm I have: dedicated T-1 line and several Dell Dimension computers with Pentium 4’s and 120 gig hard drives; our department budget will cover anything else we need..if you can help me set up a 24/7 server I am willing to put anything I have online; I have the resources but no time to try to figure the IT out..can you please help??

    Cheers! Catherine QUOTE:

    Hey, this post is from a lady on sharethegroove.org looking for a way to share her music… It looks like she wants something permanant, but mabye she would be open to something on a slightly smaller scale. You know, the difference between what you want and what is available.. What would you suggest? Some sort of ftp thing? Just leave the line open?

    Her list is amazing- Cream, Zepplin, ABB, Elton John, G’n’R, Bowie, Clash, and on and on… All live rare shows.. Lots of SBD’s… Any suggestions? thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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