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    "rambleon" wrote:
    We do not allow cameras I’m afraid.


    Well, I am not one to break ANY rules but a small disposable kodak (8 bucks here) fits into the front of anyones pants. The show should get very active and you can then "shoot from the lip" as opposed to shoot "from the hip." Don’t try to shoot a whole roll thats asking for trouble. This would have to be done for thepure pleasure of getting away with it because I don’t think Mascis has changed that much since the last shots of him posted here about 2 months ago. You could find FC and take a few shots together. In my old days I carried an extra camera in my pants and if caught would give up the extra (mostly empty)one, pulled that one off a few times, put out of shows a few times. Now that I am a mom I try to set a good example for the kids, you know. Hold it, I forgot, this is a solo show, I am afraid it may be difficult to get away with any of this and you might get thrown out, which would be total bummer. Forget this whole post, however if this was a fog show you could get away with it.



    not that I want to suggest that the bush hall won’t keep you safe, but when I went to the m. ward/cass mccombs show there recently, I strolled in without being searched, and I recall people freely taking photo’s. you haven’t seen me here, right?! :wink:



    yeah, I’ve also been to bush hall several times and have never known there to be any security apart from a cursory ticket check at the door, so I’m pretty sure taking photos will be no problem … it’s a very nice venue – looks kinda like a ballroom with chandeliers, etc. – well suited to acoustic shows

    really looking forward to it – last time I saw mascis solo (at camden dingwalls a couple of years ago) it was one of the best gigs I have ever been to



    hey guys … thanks for your thoughts on this … it’s not like it’s been keeping me awake at night, but i have been thinking about it … i guess ever since i went to the mudhoney show a few years back + they had some real jerky bouncers who were confiscating everything like cameras + drinks etc, i’ve been a bit on the paranoid side of things !

    well, i wanted to take my nice digital camera (as opposed to my fairly-crappy one :D), but i’m not sure i’d want to push it b/c … 1. it’s a big one (looks like a slr) and 2. my husband would freak if it was confiscated … maybe we’ll take our small 35mm point + shoot which takes pretty good pix …

    i figured the official line would be "no cameras allowed", but i guess we’ll have to see on the night …



    I’ll take a one-way camera with me and see what happens.

    good to know that you guys have seen cameras at other shows there …and the no-cameras-rule doesn’t come from J, so they have no reason to be more restrictive at that show… :roll:



    only a few hours to go now … woohooo … :D :D :D



    An unusally cold day here has most of us inside folding laundry, making cookies and drinking coffee. We are thibking of y’all over there, it’s past 7:00pm your time, the sun has gone down for you. I am happy for everyone.



    hi. i hope the concert is/was cool. I was shameless and took pictures right in front of J in oslo in 2001.maybe I’ll post the rest of the pictures if I manage to get them scanned some day.they were taken by camera which only can be used once.. but they turned out good.. one of the best days of my life , actually. i love the memory of the concert, the exitement .. it was an electric feeling before,during and after the concert.



    well, i’d love to see those pix one day … i have some 35mm pics from a variety of j shows which i’d like to share, but i don’t have a scanner anymore … :|

    maybe some kind person around here could scan them in for me + upload them into the album ?? (it would be a good trade i think … someone’s time + techological knowhow in exchange for j pic hard copies which you could keep forever more ! :D)

    anyhow … i guess this can wait until the album is back up + running …

    btw, any idea when that will be ? … is this a very expensive problem to fix, or is it very complicated + time consuming or … ?

    the reason this all happened in the 1st place is b/c someone was maliciously trying to sabotage this board, right ?



    I also took some pics at the Bush Hall show (with a one-way camera, not using the flash in order not to bother J) and I’m very curious how they will come out.
    I guess that must be a good reason to buy myself a scanner, finally. I’ll let you know, rambleon! :)



    great …

    btw, good to see you got back to hamburg ok :D



    yeah thanks. great w/e, but today I feel like ran over by a truck :P
    good that I have free today & tomorrow :)🙂

    for those interested in set list & reviews of the Bush Hall show, check this link:
    bush hall london 22 jan 2005



    I dont check the site for a few weeks and miss J playing a 5 min bus ride away from me!

    So is that it? After over a year of no show in UK acoustic or wired, we get one show?

    Did J return to America afterward or is he somewhere in Europe?




    well it’s a shame you missed the show b/c it was a good one …

    not sure where he is now, but the london show was the only show he was going to be playing over here …

    i agree that the show wasn’t well promoted, but that’s probably b/c it was a v.small venue (350 capacity) + he managed to sell it out anyhow :D

    you’ll have to keep checking back regularly just in case another one pops up some time soon …




    Here’s our review of the London Bush Hall show:



    Vik Bansal

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