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    "Flying Cloud" wrote:
    and there were 2 guys who were filming throughout both shows, from different spots, and also lots of "crowd Impressions".

    on the 8th, at least, there was also another camera in the sound booth area. just additional info. :lol:


    "Flying Cloud" wrote:
    I’ve never seen a pic of Kyle Spence, but there was a young guy who set up the drum kit at both shows, and I was wondering if it was him :?

    He is the second from the left in this photo. I think he looks very young, someone told me he was mid-twenties, I’m not sure?

    Thanks for the show impressions.



    and Kevin Sweeney, for those who may be on the lookout at shows, this is from the acetate web-page.

    It’s nice for us in Georgia to see J with these folks, still hoping for an Athens influenced recording in the future. The future looks bright. (the bright future is all in my head btw.) oh, he is the one who is not Dave Schools. :idea:



    yeah, j’s played alot of shows around here lately, definately a cool by-product of him hookin up with schools and spence, not to mention how cool they make the fog.



    Hmm.. Autographs and stuff… Maybe i should take something with me to get signed, if I get the chance. Though never really done anything with singned pieces of paper etc. :)



    cool, thanks for the pics, Annastefka! so now I can say for sure that they were Kevin Sweeney and Kyle Spence :)

    Aatos, it’s true, I keep signed things in a cardboard box and don’t do much with them, but they make me smile even years after. And it’s kind of an easy way of communication, when you don’t know what else to say… :P



    Hey, I’ll try to comment on the songs, as good as I remember…

    in a jar

    Goosebumps ! Great and LOOOOONG soloing…

    little fury things

    1st time that Lou performs LFT live !!! I notice that Lou & J sing TOGETHER and start crying emmideately… no shit ! Lou even screams his intro bit…

    no bones
    forget the swan

    I couldn’t see Lou during this one because of the green stage light behind him…


    This was the best version of Tarpit I have ever heard. During the end Lou & Murph tak off in full Sonic Youth-shred mode with Murph rde-crashing on his Ride (instead of keeping the bet) and Lou turning his bass into a machine gun… J strums the 2 chord till the ned…

    the lung
    freak scene

    Hah hah ! Murph starts playing the drums while J is still doing the intro, seems to confuse them all, so J doesn’t start singing after they played the main riff for 2 times…


    just like heaven
    does it float

    aaaaahh… Lou broke a string on his Rickenbacker. Switched to his Firebird (he used this bass before when he toured with the New Folk Implosion). And off they’re into

    > mountain man

    Lou misses the first few bars, but soon joins in on bass. Does the lead vocal and screams… they stop, J singing the "I’m a mountain man" bit and they end the show. This was the best show I have ever seen. I loved every minute of it. They are a REAL band…

    :D :) :o :( :shock: :? 8) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :roll: :wink:

    (above smileys relate to what I felt during the show)

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