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    When I saw them at Lollapalooza 3 in the Los Angeles area, it was as a four piece with two guitar players. It was amazing.

    Details? Who was it? Did this happen for the entire tour?

    08/06/1993 and 08/07/1993– Santa Fe Dam, Irwindale, CA



    I saw them in Charleston, WV that year and there were only three. I wonder who that was with them, Don Fleming?



    I was at one of those shows and I don’t remember seeing another guitarist. I fought my way up front, so I had a clear view of the stage. If my memory serves me well: J, Mike and Murph only. Did you go to both shows?



    On freesofree it’s just down as J Mike and Murph… but it’s not the whole gig.
    A radio broadcast though so well worth checking out.
    Was it the whole show? That would be cool to see/hear.



    Kurt Fedora, maybe.



    Oh yeah ! Kurt Fedora 10 points to @hatchetface

    There’s something on a bio about him playing the tour
    But nothing more than that !?


    He’s on Martin + Me too.(well one track)..It’s kinda rare J playing
    Dino tracks with more than him on guitar I guess

    Also turnip farm is in my top 5 and it’s the only
    Time I can remember seeing a writing credit to someone
    Else (rather than just rhythm guitar/bass etc)
    I wondered how much of the song was his….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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