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    hey y’all

    sorry to be boring but my website’s getting more and more content added daily…so check it out…http://www.eggwater.net

    I’ve sorted out the confusing functionality problems with the splash page now (the timers now only five seconds and the Flash intro loads straight into the main site.

    in relation to J Mascis there are the picsfrom last June in manchester, there’s also some Sebadoh pics…I’ve got some live Lou Barlow acoustic songs back from 1993 (Bubble and Scrape era) that I want to post up too.

    there’s a decent links section that’s growing and loads of photos, graphics and experiments going on…keep checking it out it adds to my counter and it’s all appreciated by me wanting to add loads more stuff….just need to figure out how to get a shitload of webspace?!

    forgive me but I’ve found this is the best way for promo…cheers…and this site gets a link and a few adverts too

    tune out


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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