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    hi guys,

    i’ve seen J for the 3rd time; the show was as all previous mascis’ shows, loud, with lot of guitars. J was sick, so he didn’t play well. Anyway, my friend and I we got one aim: we wanted to have a picture with J and we finally saw him and spoke to him: he was nice cos my friend told him that he had worked with Agnello so J understood that we weren’t there to bother him. Berz and Watt are nice, too: it is easier to speak to them, of course.
    here is the play list:
    severed lips
    same day
    the lung
    back be4
    not right (a cover, it wasn’t yeah right)
    i’m not fine
    get me
    all the girls
    little fury thing
    thumb (of course)
    blowin me (a cover, not blowing it)
    tv eye on u (a cover)

    more light
    freak scene
    no fun

    p.s listen to CHEWY, it’s my friend’s band and it sounds like dinosaur and lemonheads!!

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