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    Juan is fixing a piece of old electronic equipment and he is doing it with the web-cam right now with his friend Daniel, who lives in San Francisco, they are working together through the internet. You can see it live on the web cam now, so funny like two surgeons.



    I was out all evening, so I missed it…

    I can imagine the scene though, as I have had to "operate" on occasion myself. :wink:

    I hope the patient made a full recovery! :D



    Yeah, it was a laugh, we were iced in so he decided to fix this "Thing".
    His friend Daniel is into electronics, so they together worked on it over the web-cam using cell phone with ear jack. He has always told me that so many American men are not familiar with electronics and that it was a required subject in South America, I guess like guys here used to take a class called "shop" when I was in school, I am not sure if it still exists today? Also in Colombia it was impossible to get a replacement for some things so you learned to fix them. He gets a "charge" out of schematics, but this thing had none that he could find so he spent time holding pieces up to the web-cam and going "What the hell do you think this does" in the end he got it working.



    that’s really cool.
    one more + for the internet, in a sea of -‘s

    you should check out Skype http://www.skype.com
    they will give you the ability to make telephony calls over the internet. and for free ;)
    that would have been really cool to have skype and the webcam running in unison for the operation.



    Funny you should mention that Anthony, just yesterday our Bell South phone service was discontinued and Juan fully brought up our internet phone service called _something___8, I can’t remember the name but he was so excited about it, then he told me, We have no 911 or 411 which is sort of a bummer but we do have cell phones and a phone book. Tuesday was the first test day and we had a few complaints that it was not very clear on our end. We had no trouble hearing from our end.
    This will give Juan another excuse for a computer upgrade such as Carl is doing. Juan was thinking it has something to do with the streaming web cam and a few viewers logged on at the same time. He is planning on running some tests today. Surely the way of the future. Still very new.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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