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    No I am not talking about drugs…although lines do kill…just cool lines from songs requested here. Tons of people responded to the cool lines from J songs. With the absolutely huge amount of bands we all listen to sure you could come up with a few cool ones. I find myself using some of the cool lines I like in converstions at work, with friends etc…sadly it thrills me to no end. Most of the time people don’t get it but hey its fun for me…sad I know [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img] If you have any lines that would piss of Hippies [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img] let me know.

    Slow Down Take a Look by Scott Morgan with The Hellacopters…"you gotta slow down take a look, things are getting strange need a situation change"…use this one at work a lot…only been told to f**# off a couple of times [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    Crimson Ballroom by The Hellacopters…"Take me down thru the Neon Hall, the air is filled with feedback. Yes but won’t you please take me back to the place where I’m surrounded by walls of one hundred thousand guitars"…Just gotta love that imagery..pretty cool place if you ask me.

    Come Come by Grant Hart…"Come come can’t you think of something to say, come come can’t you take the time away"…usually think of this one at work.. [img]images/smiles/converted/frown.gif[/img] go back tonite…ick

    Doin The Cockroach…Modest Mouse…" You shake your tongue, you vibrate my eardrums talking words but you know I ain’t listening"…again work, not really someone I work with by was forced to work with…actually emailed myself while this person was talking to me…guy didn’t even notice [img]images/smiles/converted/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Everythings Alright When Your Down…Jesus and Mary Chain…"strange as it may seem,like your livin in a scream everything is alright when your down"…just love that line

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/newangel.gif[/img]



    Oh dear God, I’ll be here all day…




    Hey ELJ,

    Should have thought of you when I posted this topic, how about limiting it to five non dino related lines…that should let you off the hook time wise.




    1: Modest Mouse

    Sometimes All I Really Want To Feel Is Love
    Sometimes I’m Angry That I Feel So Angry
    Sometimes My Feelings Get In The way
    Of What I Really Feel I Needed To Say

    2: Smashing Pumpkins

    Life Is A Bummer When U’re A Hummer

    3: Gore Slut

    All We Ever Wanted Was To Be Stumbling In Our Naked Skin

    4: Nine Inch Nails

    I Hurt Myself Today
    To See If I Still Feel
    I Focus On The Pain
    The Only Thing That’s Real



    5 it is. I’ll try and keep it to one per band.

    SP – Pennies [Zero EP] – "And I stumbled onto you, as you stumbled over me, and you said the fates were cruel, for throwing us together, oh oh, I always loved you so, especially when you go. All the world must know, that I love you so. It’s a pity we’re apart, it’s a shame you broke my heart. But I got a new girlfriend, she looks alot like you dear- oh, wait, no other could ever do dear. All the world must know that I love you so. Especially when you go. Especially when you go – go away and leave me here and go away and leave me alone." {That was a bit more then "a" lyric, I suppose.}

    NIN – That’s What I Get [Pretty Hate Machine] – "Maybe didn’t mean that much, but it meant everything to me."

    Weezer – My Name Is Jonas [Weezer 1994] – "Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea, just like Grandma made, when we couldn’t find kitty. Things were better then, once but never again…"

    Filter – The Best Things [Title Of Record] – "Everyone of you can be the same, everyone of you can play this game."

    Radiohead – The Bends [The Bends] – "I’m just lying in a bar with my drink feed on, talking to my girlfriend, waitingfor something to happen. I wish it was the 60’s, I wish I could be happy, I wish, I wish, I wish that something would happen."



    Bob Mould-Sacrifice/Let there be peace
    "Should I bend down and worship the ground of the beautiful people who live without flaws"

    Forgot the name of this Mould tune-
    "All the friends I had,I can count them all with one hand tied behind my back"

    -Compositions for the young and old
    "Once a handshake was a man`s word,now it settles arguments in court"

    Husker Du-Indecision time
    "Tell me about your fellow man,you wipe their shit all over your hands"

    -Divide And Conquer
    "I expect I won`t be heard,because my silence is assured"

    -Real World
    "I don`t practice what you preach and I won`t see through your eyes"

    I must be in a Mould mood!
    Great topic Allison!
    I`ll come up with more tommorow!



    Hey Salmiguy,

    Nothing wrong with a Mould mood, gotta get in one of those soon myself.

    Cool lines everyone, thanks for posting.

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]

    ps Bob Mould is playing in Chicago August 24th…



    This Songs Says It All For Me
    Dont Play that Beautiful Song Much
    It Makes Me So Sad

    Palace Brothers – Kid Of Harith

    Oh How Can It Be, To Be So Much With U
    When There Are Those That Totally Laugh At Me

    It Isn’t An Urge, Its More Like A Duty
    To Begin To Explore Again Things Of The World
    To resaturate Skin With Injections Of Beauty
    & To Mess With, Undress With Some Jewel

    & I Think U Will Not Notice, Do U
    As I Am Only Wind & Weather, Only To U



    definitely not a cool line at all when you think of what this turned into. but a line that kills in the true acceptation of the word:

    "I swear I don’t have a gun"
    kurt cobain in COME AS YOU ARE

    3 years later he got one. [img]images/smiles/converted/frown.gif[/img]



    Archers of Loaf – death in the park

    "It’s always the same people, pissing the same people off, always the same ones calling the cops. There’s death in the park, death in the dark, and I want is apathy from you".

    AOL – Chummin the Ocean

    "And they’re chummin the ocean
    the signal is sent
    I think he’s in trouble
    the water is red, red, red"

    Pavement – Gold Sounds

    "So drunk, in the orchid sun
    and you’re the kind of girl I like
    because you’re empty and I’m empty
    and you can never quarantine the past"

    Teenage Fanclub – everything flows

    "You get older every year
    but you don’t change, I don’t notice you changin
    I think about it every day
    only for a little while and then I feel it
    I just don’t know which way to flow
    set a course that I don’t know"



    The Archers always have alot of cool lyrics.
    That line from Pavement`s "Gold Soundz" was a great choice Javro.

    Here`s some more from me:

    Spinanes-Azure-"another season of cunning dipshits everwhere"

    Shudder To Think-The Man Who Rolls
    "There`s a coffin grate in a self enstated strewn up gated hovel"

    Guided By Voices-I Am A Scientist
    "I am a lost soul,I shoot myself with rock and roll;The hole I dig is bottomless but nothing else can set me free"

    Geraldine Fibbers-Dragon Lady
    "kick em all in the family jewels,we`ll watch their guts enfold and we`ll rob a 7-11 and hit the road."
    "I still miss the smell of that dead skunk on the Pasadena freeway."

    Red Red Meat-Braindead
    "Jody Foster John The Baptist not a waitress left in sight"

    -Chain Chain Chain
    "Low flying jets skimmed your bed,temptation loses you again"

    Throwing Muses-Vicki`s box
    "I only love pieces of things that I hate"
    -Hate My Way
    "A boy was tangled in his bike forever,a girl was missing two fingers,Geri Ann was confused, Mr. Hubert,he had a gun in his head."

    Mary Lou Lord-?????
    "Country is for bumpkins is all she said,she likes Smashing Pumpkins she`ll break one on your head"

    Buffalo Tom-Baby
    "I`m hiding your lies and I`m digging "New Day Rising" "
    -Won`t Be Denied
    "This city is not my own,this world is not my home."
    "where for art thou,Johnny Carson.Retired and never coming back"

    Tom Waits-Tango Till They`re Sore
    "Make sure she`s all in calico,like the color of a doll,wave the flag on caddilac day and a skillet on the wall,cut me a switch or hold your breath until the sun goes down,write my name on the hood and send me off to another town."
    "I lived on nothing but dreams and train smoke"

    Velvet Underground-Heroin
    "All you jim jims in this town,everybody putting everyone else down,all the politicians making vicious sounds,all the dead bodies piled up in mounds."



    "Creeping round my house at dawn
    I keep my curtains closed
    If you´re feeling fond of feeling wrong
    fully clothed"

    I really love that, don´t know why really, probably because it´s from the most beautiful song of all time.

    Also great:
    "Maybe I pretend to see
    what you need to make you be"
    (th faith healers: everything, all at once forever)

    And, of course there are so many classics from Half man Half biscuit:
    for example:
    "There is nothing better in life than writing on the sole of your slipper with a biro"
    (The best things in Life)
    "Mention the Lord of the Rings one more time
    And I’ll more than likely kill you."
    (Dickie Davis Eyes)

    Well I heard a lovely rumor,
    That Bette Midler had a tumor

    kills me every time

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    Couple more lines….

    Hydromatics Valentine Frankenstein
    With a criminal brain,it makes me easy to blame….you can’t keep a good monster down

    Gang War Crime of The Century

    Well its the crime of the century, about the things I did, Its the crime of the century I don’t remember but I guess I did

    Really love the Gang War line…been there too many times…but loved being there most of the time [img]images/smiles/converted/newangel.gif[/img]

    Allison [img]images/smiles/converted/dizzy.gif[/img]



    My mind is in snooze mode right now, but these are the first that I’m able to lurk out of it.

    -"One of us is a cigarstand, one of us is a lovely blue incandescent guillotine."
    -"I’ve got a lot of good things coming my way, and I’m afraid to say that you’re not one of them."
    -"You’ve been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life."
    -"Ba ba ba da da, debris slide!"
    -Plus one million other killer pave lines.
    Shit, I’ve been staring at the screen for like 20 minutes without typing anything… time for bed. Be back later with more




    Robert I have done that staring at the screen thing blankly way too many times lately, not bad quotes considering….hope you had a helluva time [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

    New York Dolls/Personality Crisis..the Jerry Nolan version [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]…another huge influence on my fav Swedish band

    "You got a personality crisis, you got it while it was hot…its always hot you know..frustration and heartache is what you got…I’m sorta talking about PERSONALITY"

    The Only Ones/Another Girl Another Planet…one of the best pop tunes in the hx of the world in my opinion [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]

    "You get under my skin I don’t find it irritating, your always playing with our neat ability(?)…and oh no I think I’m on another world with you. I’m on another planet with you. Another Girl Another Planet"

    Not sure about the our neat ability part..have heard this song about a zillion times but still can’t figure it out…. [img]images/smiles/converted/rolleyes.gif[/img] So if anyone else knows this song let me know [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]

    Allison….picked up some cool lines to piss off the Hippies so far.. [img]images/smiles/converted/aliensmile.gif[/img]

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