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    does anyone know if there were any limited edition pressings of "More Light"? i have the original press, but would like to know if there’s a colored one, or possibly a bonus EP, etc. thanks.

    p.s as i’m listening to it (and watching it spin, spin) i couldn’t help but think how cool it would look on purple vinyl…… <img>



    Hola or Heaven!

    There was a limited 2 Track bonus cd in Holland
    2 Beatiful Tracks called: Lets Go 2 Church & Riptide Swim Sideways

    I’ve no idea if there’s some colored vinyl of that album




    hi there!

    Here in Norway all the more light cds I’ve seen include the bonus cd with the two extra songs.
    I assume they sell the double cd all over europe then.

    By the way I know there’s a gold coloured 7′ waistin’



    I don’t know of any More Light lim. pressings, but sub pop released a 7" single of Leavin’ on a Jetplane b/w Too Hard a while back on clear orange vinyl…pressing was limited to 1300 copies, as is all of the sub pop singles club pressings. Finally, joining that club paid off!



    I e-mailed Ultimatum Music about this a while back, when they were first offering the More Light cd,"limited edition vinyl" and live promotional disc (Guitar Center Promo) as a special package at the Ultimatum Web page. They told me that they called the vinyl versions of More Light limited because they did not press as many vinyls as they did cd’s but the vinyls were really not that limited. They did not mention any colored vinyl and I have not seen or heard of any so I would assume that they do not exist. I have not heard of any EP either. To my knowledge, all that J has released as J Mascis and the Fog are:

    More Light (CD/Vinyl) (Ultimatum Music, US)

    More Light (Japanese version (cd) features 3 bonus tracks: Can I Tell You Stories, Too Hard, & Jet Plane) (Pony Canyon, Japan)

    More Light- (Dutch (Holland) version, CD, double disc with the bonus disc containing the tracks Lets Go 2 Church & Riptide Swim Sideways) (City Slang, Germany)

    More Light – (CD/Vinyl) (City Slang, UK)

    Where’d You Go (cd single with additional songs Can I Tell U Stories & Too Hard) (City Slang, UK)

    Waistin’ (cd single with the additional songs Leaving on a Jet Plane & See It As Always (City Slang, UK)

    Waistin’ (7" vinyl single with the B-Side Leaving on a Jet Plane) (City Slang, UK)

    Leaving on a Jet Plane b/w Too Hard 7" (Sub Pop, US)

    Guitar Center Promo (tracks: Where’d You Go (album version), Maggot Brain (live), Ammaring (live), & Repulsion (live)) This disc also has the Where’d You Go video on it in QuickTime format, I believe. (Ultimatum Music, US)

    There’s also 2 promo’s:
    Where’d You Go (one track) (Ultimatum Music, US)

    J Mascis was Here (4 tracks, Where’d You Go, Take a Run at the Sun, Flying Cloud, and Feel the Pain, i believe those are the tracks) (Ultimatum Music, US)

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