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    Found this article by Jim Caroll where he quotes a very cool J line…

    Straight to hell by Jim Carroll
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    "See ’em before they keel over…"

    Every week, Jim Carroll puts another dime in the jukebox and selects another tune or LP or gig.

    Straight To Hell: Jim Carroll checks out Ron Wood

    No apologies, I’m with J Mascis on this one. There was a great quote a few years ago from the Dinosaur Jr and Fog man about stars – real stars now, not the counterfeit ones who hog much of the limelight these days – and because it’s Christmas, I’ve gone to the bother of digging it out for you. "I saw Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas while I was there," he explained. "He’s getting pretty old, forgot half the words, but it was pretty good though. You have to see these bands before they pack it in, see Frank, see the Stones."

    Maybe it’s because an entire generation has suddently realised with the death of George Harrison that it will never see The Beatles again that so many packed Vicar Street in Dublin last Saturday night for Ronnie Wood’s solo turn. He’s a geezer is our Ron but most of us hadn’t bothered to check out his new solo album ("Not For Beginners") before he went skipping down Thomas Street past the junkies and the jakies. No, we were here because Ron is a Rolling Stone.

    The Stones. During the late Sixties and Seventies, they did what they had to do like there was no tomorrow, casting a spell which resonates to this very day. Look at the cover of the current Uncut magazine and you’ll see what I mean. The magic, the majesty, the power, the pomp, the presence, the glory, the sounds, the struts, the sheer unmatchable cool of it all – it’s probably the nearest Robbie Williams, The Corrs and Fred Bizkit will ever get to rock & roll holding that cover in their hands.

    These days, well, the Stones are a bit of a blur. Mick has become the pin-up boy for blue rinse monthly Saga. Keef forces the cancellation of tour dates because he has a fall in his library. Charlie prefers jazz. Yet you get the feeling that there’s still fire in those bones. When Ronnie talks about another tour to come and a willingness on all sides to do it, you begin to hope it finds its way here. Because, like J Mascis said, you’ve gotta see ’em before they keel over.

    Watching Ronnie blast his way through some feelgood LA bar-room boogie brought a smile to the face. No, it wasn’t awful, it couldn’t be. OK so he forgot the words to a few auld tunes he’d written himself, had obviously forgotten to wake up and get out of bed for rehearsals with his young band and had to rely on a sheet of paper to remember the words to "Miss You", but hey, what did you expect? The chirpy grin on his face and the mad wee dance he did between every song told its own tale. Sometimes you don’t have to be arch to have a good time.

    And then there was the bloke with the hair who also played guitar onstage. His name is Slash (Mr Slash, if you will – and his missus is called Mrs Slash in case you were wondering) and he didn’t have a lot to say for himself. That’s been Slash’s career, the silent one but what a fucking guitarist. When Ronnie and Slash tore into "Welcome To The Jungle", the whole place jumped as one, grey hairs and beer bellies and everything. The outlaws had taken over the asylum.

    From there on, it just rolled. Slash put on his hat, lit another cigarette and played guitar like a man who couldn’t believe his luck. The band grinned and threw a few shapes. And Ronnie? Ronnie danced, played guitar and laughed his head off. It may be only rock & roll but, yeah, he likes it.

    Also was wondering if anyone knows what the deal on this cover deal is, a feature or More Light Review? Quite the cover





    I like the cover of that issue <img>



    That cover features a pretty cool article on J. If I can find it I will try to scan it for everyone.



    Would love to see a copy of that article, hope you can find it, gotta love that cover!!!

    Welcome to the boards Ammaringnyc, hope you’re able to check out the upcoming J shows, no doubt will be a thrill.

    Allison <img>

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