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    :lol: Lifetime originals :lol:

    *regains composure, buttons blouse and re-adjusts skirt*

    This morning I was listening to Trompe Le Monde, specifically Letter To Memphis, and thought what a lovely love inducing song and it got me thinking of SG and his love of lists and music. That’s right SG, I think about you in my spare time. But in a respectible way. I definitely don’t fanatsize about you wearing a loin cloth and swinging from a vine Tarzan style. :wink:

    Anywho, this is a place where you can list your most favorite love songs that you love. But not in a rude way.

    For me I would like to start by listing these lovley little gems…
    Of Montreal ~ Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks
    John Lennon ~ Oh Yoko!

    I get angry when people blame Yoko for breaking up the Beatles. Like John Lennon couldn’t possibly be human and fall in love.

    "girl" wrote:
    I definitely don’t fanatsize about you wearing a loin cloth and swinging from a vine Tarzan style. :wink:

    We`d make a great couple if you`d put on your gorilla suit 8)


    Dire Straits-Tunnel Of Love

    Makes me think of a girl I liked a long time ago :(

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pralShcl9E _pralShcl9E

    More to come while I think them up


    Guided By Voices-Mesh Gear Fox

    So around the time I first heard this,I fell for a girl.She was like Lucy from Charlie Brown in real life.Kinda snobbish but really smart and classy.


    Poor SG, maybe you’d feel better if you put on your loin cloth.

    Buddy Holly has about a gabillion love songs to choose from. Personally my faves are as followed
    Love Is Strange
    I’m Gonna Love You Too
    Love Me
    Now We’re One
    You’re The One

    And of course there is Hermans Hermits ~ Can’t You Feel My Heartbeat

    Nirvana ~ Drain You :twisted:

    The Zombies ~ Going Out Of My Head
    The Zombies ~ I Love You This song does funny things to me. Sometimes saying I love you is the hardest thing in the world to do.

    Oh and when Cat Power does Sea Of Love. Oh, Chan Marshall, you have the most beautiful voice in the universe.


    Sebadoh-Brand New Love:

    Lou writes such great cynical love songs

    The Sundays-Homeward:

    Harriet Wheeler has such a beautiful voice,this song makes me think of sunny days

    Lou Reed-Coney Island Baby:

    Lou`s great shout out to love,’remember the princess who lived on the hill,who loved you even though she knew you were wrong’

    The Shangri La`s-What Is Love:

    Betty on vocals I think,not her sister Mary.You can hear the blueprint of Kim Deal`s vocal style here.

    The Bats-Mastery:

    Robert Scott writes some power love songs,this one is a real beauty

    Afghan Whigs-My Curse:

    Devastating!Sung by Marcy of Scrawl.I`m in tears most times I hear it.

    Dinosaur Jr-Not The Same:

    J`s falsetto makes all the more powerful

    Bettie Serveert-Palomine:

    Carol has that vunerable yet tough grit in her voice,Peter`s guitar work is the icing on the cake

    Sandy Denny-Full Moon:

    A great miss you type of love song.Sandy`s death not long after makes it more sad.The clarinet solo is fitting with the tune

    Rolling Stones-Lady Jane:

    Told from the perspective of Henry the 8th and his many wives.

    My Bloody Valentine-Cupid Come:

    MBV came up with some great noisy love songs

    Roxy Music-Love Is The Drug:

    Bryan Ferry is mister suave.Funky dancable song

    Scott Walker-Duchess:

    So amazingly beautiful


    About someone who died.Collins rarely sounds this sincere

    Anita O`Day-Stella By Starlight:

    One of my favorite old songs.The melody is greater than the lyrics

    Ella Fitzgerald-I Can`t Get Started:

    Another great old song.About a person who has done everything in the world but can`t get the person he or she loves


    Versus-Crazy Maker:

    Sweet little tune.I`m in love with your eyes…

    Eleventh Dream Day-It`s All A Game:

    Some of their tunes were not fiction.The married couple in the band had a rocky marriage.

    Billie Holiday-I Wished On The Moon:

    She recorded it first in 1935 then again in 1956.Simple and sweet song.

    Emm Gryner-Straight To You:

    Nick Cave cover.Emm gets those piano chords going.

    Dinah Washington-There Is No Greater Love:

    In the middle it sounds like she`s going to explode the mic

    Tom Waits-Fish And Bird:

    Only Tom could write a song about a bird falling in love with a whale and not come off silly

    The Descendents-Silly Girl:

    When they were`nt goofing around,they came up with tunes like this

    Frank Sinatra-All Or Nothing At All:

    Frank wants it all baby!

    Julie London-So In Love:

    Cole Porter wrote some damn fine love songs,Julie always delivered a sultry performance.

    Eric`s Trip-My Chest Is Empty Part 2:

    What a gem!They play it acoustic,add in some melodica,with Julie and Rick harmonizing sweetly

    Maria McKee-Appalachian Boy:

    I don`t know who this country boy is but Maria sings it so well


    Across The Universe – The Beatles

    Jealous Guy – John Lennon
    Is this song a little cheesy ?

    Afterglow Of Your Love – The Small Faces


    God Only Knows – Beach Boys
    Scenic World – Beirut
    Car – Built To Spill
    Couldn’t You Wait – Silkworm
    All This And More – The Dead Boys


    SG, you went above and beyond the call of duty! I feel like I should give you a certificate of completion and a medal for excellency.

    I just thought of this one!

    The Pigeon Detectives ~ You Know I love You

    I knew a boy who was crazy about these guys because they came from his home town. I used to laugh at how "romantic" this song was with such beautiful lyrics as "You know I love you, take off your clothes, it’s alright…"

    The Beatles ~ In My Life
    The Beatles ~ P.S. I Love You
    Thje Beatles ~ And I Love Her


    We Both Go Down Together – The Decemberists
    Eli, The Barrow Boy – The Decemberists

    "Robert" wrote:
    Couldn’t You Wait – Silkworm

    I was thinking of adding a song called Young they did.Kelly Hogan guests on vocals who just sings her ass off.

    "girl" wrote:
    I used to laugh at how "romantic" this song was with such beautiful lyrics as "You know I love you, take off your clothes, it’s alright…"

    Reminds me of a Railroad Jerk song,they sing ‘Natalie Natalie I want to see your anatomy’


    Wilco ~ California Stars


    I don’t Belive In The Sun – Magnetic Fields
    All My Little Words – Magnetic Fields

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