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    One of my favorite Dino Jr songs, fuck I wish they would play it live. I asked Lou about it, and he had no idea what song I was talking about. I described it, the bass hook, the lyrics, where it is on the album, he had no clue. Aaargghhh.

    When I talked to him at Spaceland, he said they practiced 25 songs, and that 17 were pretty tight and would get played the most probably. Fark.

    I am happy though, that they are playing Chunks, Does It Float, Yeah We Know, No Bones, and The Post!!! Hell, I am happy to hear them all (less excited about In A Jar but fuggit)

    Anyway, I am buying new mics for these East Coast shows, and hell yeah I just saw the west coast dates up on freesofree!!! SF show muddafukkas!!



    …there’s nothing to complain about that one can expect all the great songs from YLAOM in the reunion shows, and also many songs of the 1st album, but I agree, I would’ve been also happy with at least one more song from BUG in a set.

    ok, thanks for asking Lou, so it seems we won’t have to expect Let It Ride (which I also like a lot). but anyways, like I said, less Bug songs make room for each and every great song from YLAOM, and that’s a good thing :D


    King Tubby

    It’s weird that Lou doesn’t remember that one, as it’s got perhaps the most badass bass break of any Dino tune.



    That’s a favourite of mine too. Hopefully it gets in their set by the time they reach Seattle. I am surprise that they are playing so many off of the first album. I guess it gives J a chance to rest his vocal chords.

    How about creating a setlists and song count post to see which songs haven’t been played like this one for the pixies reunion″>

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