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    Remember though, that Green Mind was basically J’s show from start to finish. I believe that Murph played drums (ie, played J’s written drum parts) on a few on the songs.

    I’m not saying that J doesn’t/didn’t know how to play bass, but the bass lines are very secondary. Then again J wasn’t trying to turn the bass amp up all the way to overpower the guitar amp, like some former Dinosaur Jr bassist we know <img>

    I do agree though about the being produced part. I’m sure WEA/Sire gave him a little bit of money to play with and he actually wanted it to sound a little more professional. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


    ‘waiting for the kid to come out…’ – Spoon



    I like J`s bass playing on GM;no,it`s not Lou`s distorto bass which he problably did to hear himself over J`s loud playing,but it`s cool I think.



    Least favorite has to be ‘Green Mind’. It’s such a departure from the SST stuff. I’m not saying if that’s a good or bad thing, but it’s just weird. If you ever listen to all the Dino albums in chronological order, Green Mind just sticks out. You go from Bug which was pretty rockin to Whatever’s Cool With me which is just a mish-mash of everything, to the adult contemporary sounds of Green Mind <img>

    Blowing It / I Live for That Look just grates on my nerves. Probably because I’ve heard about 100 different live versions of it, but that’s me.

    Oh yeah, I also can’t tolerate ‘Thumb’. Call it great, call it wonderful, whatever. *next track*

    -Jamie, on a certian level I can’t relate…



    I don`t know if GM is adult contemporary just because it`s more produced then the 80`s Dino albums;John Peel called it prog which I did`nt agree on either.I think J saw that Sonic Youth and Husker Du and others were going for a more produced sound and he should follow that other then the hazy sounding YLAOM and Bug.



    I think the bass playing on GM is incredible! Just listen to water, the bass rides the track through and is anything but secondary. Also, on Muck, the bass drives. Because he understands how the whole track sounds in his head, he is obviously going to deliver the perfect combination of sounds – that’s why I ditched my bands in the past, because drummers and bass players try to out-perform you, when a lot of the time, the beauty of bass playing is the simplicity.



    I think that Dinosaur is Dino Jr.s worst album. I suppose it has the worst production, but I have become such a huge J Mascis fan that I tend to prefer the albums where his influence is the largest.



    personaly i think tha martin and me is a great album, because in spite that it’s an unplugged album you can feel the same energy in j guitar and the same feeling when singing.
    I was surprise with this album, but i gotta say that my favourite one is GREEN MIND



    If, to me, is hard to choose my favourite album, how can I choose the least favourite? Sometimes I don’t like one or two songs in each album but, after listening to the song carefully, immediately I’m hooked <img> ! J. is perfect! <img> <img> <img> <img> <img>


    John Dyson

    Martin & Me I guess,

    I suppose its the one I listen to the least. There’s usually at leats one Dino album on my player.

    Thinking about it maybe some of the bootlegs get listened to less, I’ve got a very dodgy copy of Dino at Reading 91,

    Talking of which, does this festival on the news mean that J is likely to be playnig more festivals in Europe – Reading/ Leeds would be good…


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