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    So, J + The Fog rocked hard last night in Lawrence. They’ve definitely grown as a band since I saw them in Chicago, November last year. They’re damn good at what they’re doing, and by now they know it. They’re tight. They’re loud. They rock.

    There could have been more people at the Bottleneck, but what can you do? (Except: go see them people! Yes, you too. You know you want to.) Nevertheless, the band seemed to be having a great time. They were joking around a little bit between songs, and it was obvious that Mike and George have become a great team since they started playing together.
    J was also in great form, and he played an incredible "Ammaring". I’m at a loss to describe it. Just go see them, and hope he plays it. The "Everything Flows" medley was amazing as well. And "Get Me", and "Little Fury Things", and… anyway, here’s what they played:

    I’m not fine
    The Wagon
    I’ve had it
    Everything Flows (medley)
    [Started playing "All the girls", were out of tune, stopped.]
    Back before you go
    Blowin’ it/I live for that look
    Not right
    Get Me
    Same Day

    More Light
    Little Fury Things
    TV Eye

    By the way, the opening act – Bright Eyes – wasn’t too bad either. They were, like: no surface all feeling. Soft, vulnerable, sad, and with some refreshing anger. Plus, they played a decent version of Pavement’s "Summer Babe (Winter Version)", which is always great to hear.

    But anyway, J’s show was the real deal. It rocked. Or did I already say that?




    Outstanding review Jasper [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] Looking foward to catching them again on the 14th in Charlotte (5 mins from where I am right now) 😛

    Can’t Wait!!!



    Yeah I agree the Lawrence show was tight. One minor messup but that was covered pretty well with a little humor. I saw them play last Nov. in Minneapolis and they were great then and even better now. I managed to talk to Watt for a bit and Eric (tour guy) they both said the tour was going great and getting better. Much props to J and Fam

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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