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    graham coxon at the electric ballroom in london … i don’t own any of his albums + i only know the 2 or 3 songs they’ve played on the radio … + i didn’t know what to expect … thankfully i was pleasantly surprised … there were about 6 0r 7 really good songs in there … he was also pulling out some v.advanced guitar moves … star jumps … diving on the floor, etc :lol: that was pretty entertaining in + of itself … :D

    there were 2 opening bands, but we missed the 1st one … i think the 2nd band was called the futureheads … they were like a younger version of the jam …



    hey rambleon, cool that you enjoyed the show, I’m kinda jealous because I haven’t been at a show for ages.
    I’ll go to a free open air show tomorrow, the bands are some local heroes and the Hooters (who might still know lhem :roll: ). well it’s for free, so…



    last night I was J.. :D



    well, i wish i had been there 8)



    . .. . .Hella at the Rocket bar.

    Missed the first opening act, local band Ring Cicada. Next act was Needs New Body. Drummer, Bassist, percussionist, keyboardist/vocalist, another keyboards/electronic/vocalist, and a singer/MC who seemed to hold it all together, and made a few forays onto guitar and banjo.
    I have no doubt these guys were having fun making music, but too much of this seemed to be weirdness for weirdnesses sake/"dude, that is sooo funny" logic.

    Hella was next, and they were tight. As in together. Guitarist and Drummer, they spent the entire show facing each other, barely moving outside of their hands.
    Only problem with the show is a problem inherant in so much instrumental/math rock music, the songs are good, but also unmemorable. Hooks are forgotten. I only recognized two of the songs from the hour long set they played.
    It’s still more interesting than most chopsfests. And comes recommended. Bring a friend, and some earplugs. If you’re going to enjoy a concert, why not enjoy a few more?[/i]



    cool … i think some bands were made to be experienced live … i’ll keep an eye + an ear out for them … :D



    saw DTK/MC5 on Saturday, Mark Arm & Evan Dando on vocals…it was a very pleasing show. Machine Gun on drums was pounding away, bit slow at times, but hey it’s only the 3rd show of the tour. Wayne Kramer was amazing, really looked like he was enjoying himself. Marshall Crenshaw did a pretty decent job of filling in for Sonic Smith, very hard thing to do! Mark Arm was absolutely incredible, Tyner would have been pleased with how he managed those songs. Not many can sing like Rob Tyner did, those songs are classics, Mark Arm definitely won the crowd over. Evan Dando, another story, I had a hard time getting my head around him being able to do the songs justice, he was ok, but his stage crap was distracting, annoying & just plain stupid…not sure if he was under the influence or not but… :slap: Wayne Kramer @ one point was waving him off, Dando landed on the floor at one point, Machine Gun Thompson came out from behind the drums & put some interesting fake wrestling moves on him while he was on the ground. This article says it better than I ever could :shock: :lol: :twisted:

    Big disappointment, Cobra Verde cancelled, warm up band from Minneapolis got the call on friday to play the show… :( :? :!:

    Set list with vocalist…

    Tonight-Marshall Crenshaw
    Human Being Lawn Mower-Mark Arm
    Ramblin’ Rose-Wayne Kramer
    Over & Over-Mark Arm
    Teenage Lust-Evan Dand0
    Shakin’ Street-Evan Dando
    Kick Out The Jams-Wayne Kramer
    Sister Anne-Mark Arm
    Come Together-Mark Arm
    High School-Evan Dando
    I Want You Right Now-Mark Arm
    Starship-Mark Arm
    Call Me Animal-Michael Davis
    Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa-Mark Arm
    Ray Charles song-not sure of the name, Mark Arm
    Let Me Try-Evan Dando
    American Ruse-Mark Arm, made a comment about how relevant this song is so many years later :wink: :mrgreen:

    Place was packed, some great t’s on sale. Place was steamy though, ac wasn’t working, they kept uncrating new fans to move some air. It’s a huge place, 3 stories…it wasn’t working :shock:

    Perfect reason to indulge in way too many tall gin & tonics :aliensmile:


    Bucky Ramone
    Even a peace-lovin’ hairball like myself wanted to take this guy out back, sucker punch him in the balls, smash his head off the concrete and finish him for good.

    :twisted: :lol: :twisted:



    CG-sounds like a real cool time(oops,wrong Detroit band! :wink: )too bad Dando was an ass :evil: I remember a interview with him years ago and he was acting up and not being serious with the questions,sure a little humor is ok but he was overdoing it.It`s a shame cuz he`s a talented guy and yet he acts like a 10 year old :roll:



    I agree he’s a talented guy, love his solo stuff & all Lemonheads out there.

    His bizarre behavior on stage was just too much :!:


    Mr. Dando best get his act together or he’s going to get eaten alive by The Human Being Lawnmower on stage AND the folks waiting for him backstage after the show.

    oh dear !! :shock: :shock: … glad to hear everyone had a good time despite dando’s antics … sometimes you gotta wonder what goes on in other people’s heads … :roll:

    mark arm is a busy man … i saw him w/the rest of mudhoney a few weeks ago in london … they were, of course fantastic … :D :D



    … james brown @ the london olympic torch concert … his band is so tight, it’s just amazing :shock: 8)



    last night, I saw Modest Mouse, for the first time ever, and and I’m still amazed :mrgreen: I went all the way to Cologne to see them, and looking back, it was definitely worth the trouble :)
    there were only 2 german tour dates besides some festival performances (which means a show of 45 minutes in broad daylight in front of a crowd who didn’t come to see them :|)
    so I decided to catch them in Cologne , which is a 4 hours train ride away from Hamburg.

    the place was packed and the crowd was warm, cheering and very lively, they knew all songs by heart and sang along :)🙂
    I was standing up front (of course. I wouldn’t travel all that way to stand in the back), next to the speakers, which left me nearly deaf after the show. it was incredibly warm and sweaty, the air condition (if there was such a thing) completely failed. I saw 2 or 3 people in the front row fainting. they were sitting on the edge of the stage then and were feeling better. the tshirts of the band members were also soaked in sweat.

    I liked the new album much before I saw the show, but now that I’ve seen them, I’m on my knees! really great how they transform their complex sound to a great live performance. also, I didn’t know that they come along with two drummers. the set list was quite the usual set of songs the band plays these days, and I especially liked the songs from the new album. at the encore, Isaac was asking the crowd for wishes, but I guess he knew in advance what they were about to play (Good Times Are Killing Me) :P

    I’ve never been in Cologne before, so I was doing some shopping and sight seeing. the two most interesting things there is the huge famous cathedral right in the city center, and the Rhine which flowing right through the city (which has about 1 million residents) I went up the 509 steps of the cathedral’s steeple. from up there it was a nice sight over the city. but well, the city looked very mediocre from above, other than Paris, which is amazing from wherever you look down on it. even Hamburg has got more charm.

    nice trip & great show, so it was the right decision to go there :D




    Thanks for the great roadtrip story FC!
    Great to hear that you had such a good time and that the trip was worth it!! :D



    yeah, glad to hear the trip was worth it for the cathedral + the band … :aliensmile: :aliensmile:

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