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    a very nice fan review and discussion about the Larimer Lounge gig (Denver/CO Feb 27, 2004) on the harmony-central message board.


    J Mascis acoustic show w/Dresden Dolls & Nightengale

    So, J ruled it as usual. This is the second time I’ve seen him do a solo acoustic show and it’s the second time that he killed. The first show was at The Bluebird, which is a fairly big small venue in Denver. This time it was at the Larimer Lounge, which is basically a bar with a room in the back for bands to set up… Much, much more intimate than The Bluebird but the sound isn’t as good. Anyway, this show wasn’t quite as good as the first mainly for sound reasons… Acoustics aren’t all that good at the Larimer Lounge but whatevs. J killed it. He played probably 25-30 songs spanning his 20 year career with Dinosaur Jr. and solo playing everything I wanted to hear except Feel the Pain & Thumb. I love the looping he does with his rhythms and then cranks the disto on the acoustic and solos over the top. He’s so unbelievably talented that it’s really hard to fathom. Go see this show if it comes to your town. You’ll be blown away.

    The biggest suprise is the Boston pair, The Dresden Dolls. If these two ever come to your town, go see them. One of the most amazing live shows I’ve ever seen; music or otherwise. The drummer is the most dynamic drummer I’ve ever seen and actually puts on a show behind the kit as well as playing unreal beats and intricate stops and just crazy shit. The singer/piano player girl has so much emotion and feeling up there it’s ridiculous & writes great lyrics that range from dark to funny. The music is far from what I would consider my style… It’s more like cabaret/circus/vodville type stuff but it’s a f’n great live show.


    Nightengale was good too. They’re a friend of a friend’s band and they’re kind of trippy indie style rock… Tons of feedback, which I don’t like much but it was interesting. It’s the first time I’d seen them.

    and there is also a link to another review of the show with pics, which is also an entirely enjoyable read:
    J review with pics :D :D :D

    Mascis at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, CO Feb 27, 2004

    If you’ve ever met me then surely you know I’m a huge J Mascis fan. So obvoiusly I’m overjoyed and anxious at any opportunity I have to see him live. This was no exception as I was unable to sit still and was driving Liz absolutely nuts talking about J Mascis. After what seemed like an eternity we were finally able to leave for the show and arrived early enough to not miss any bands. The show had sold out so it was a damn good think I had bought tickets ahead of time.


    I’ve never been to the Larimer Lounge before and it’s actually a pretty cool place. They have a patio area in the back and had a heat lamp cranking so we got to avoid second hand smoke for awhile. The first band started and within a couple songs we decided they sounded pretty good so we went in and watched. Their performance didn’t really add anything to the music since they just stood there, but it was cool. Turns out the band was Mike Jourgensen and I thought they were great.

    Up next was my friend Ryan’s band called Nightingale. They used to be called The Occasion and I never ended up seeing them play live. I haven’t seen Ryan in quite awhile and it seems he’s doing well. Scott is the other guitarist and he always recognizes me before I recognize him and tonight was no exeption. Anyways, Nightingale played next and performed better then I had figured they woud. They have an experimental garage sound that indie fans like me enjoy. Good stuff.

    Up next was a couple of mimes that play in a band called Dresden Dolls. There was a male drummer and a female keyboardist that sang. I had kind of written them off because I really didn’t want to see another Mates Of State, but they ended up killing it. Seriously killing it. If they are ever in your town go see them, the put on a great show. I can’t really explain the music, some kind of cabaret thing, but man it’s good. You must see it live.

    Around now I found that they had a t-shirt booth going with some of the old Dinosaur Jr shirts. Talking with the t-shirt booth guy it turns out that they found a few boxes of original Dinosaur shirts in J’s sister’s basement. Can you believe it? I got one of the Alien Workshop/Dinosaur shirts. I wish I hadn’t already spent so much that night or I would have got more. [ :!: :!: ]


    And then J Mascis graced the stage. It’s crazy that after three good bands perform one dude can get up on stage with only a guitar and be the main attraction. The setlist spanned the first Dinosaur album through his latest work with the Fog. One of my favorite things about the acoustic shows is how well you can hear other people yelling and cheering. He’s got a big following of people that love Dinosaur/Fog as much as me and people were going nuts the entire show. He played great and perhaps even a better setlist, but I wasn’t as blown away as I was from his previous acoustic show in Denver. I was incredibly pleased with Everybody Lets Me Down though, one of my favorite songs I hadn’t heard live before. After the show Zach and I ran outside and got a picture with J and tried to talk to him a bit. I was all weirded out and I imagine if I would have just talked to him normal it would have been cool. Oh well, J rules.

    [size size=9px]Zach took this picture. Of all the pictures in the world to be blurry, this is not the one. Thanks a lot Zach. Damn.[/size]


    Talking with the t-shirt booth guy it turns out that they found a few boxes of original Dinosaur shirts in J’s sister’s basement. Can you believe it ?

    no i can’t !! :shock: … that basement is either v.big or v.messy !!

    what a bummer that his pic w/j was blurry … bet he never lets his friend be the j w/me photographer again ! :D



    btw, what year are those alien workshop t-shirts from ?



    great gig poster (found on gigposters.com) :D😀




    oh, that is soooo cute ! :D



    thanks for posting the review here. it’s fine by me they find t-shirts in the basement,. continue the good work.. ! :D



    That is a great poster. I want one of those for my bathroom. Cool Robot. Cool MASCIS. I have a stupid review of the April 28th show, I wanted to post today but I saw that this (Larimar poster) was put up just today and I didn’t want to step on top of it.
    Love, me,me,me,me,me I so happy.



    yeah, a great poster indeed :mrgreen: (…you can order it on the gigposters site)

    but I really wanna see the April 28 review! we want all the reviews here on the site, please don’t hesitate to post it :!: :idea: :D



    Okay, I am going to post it under a new you know heading.
    Get ready for a wet dream.

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