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    This should be a riot! :D :shock: :twisted:
    from J….

    This weekend I’m playin drums in Zep cover band Lard Zepplin with a 300 pound frontman. thursday at paradise front room boston and friday at Harrys in Northampton MA.

    Lard Zepplin consists of the following :
    J. Mascis is John Heavy Bottom
    Ray Neades (aka Beefy Scott of Beefy/DC) will be Rotund Plant
    Pete Cassani (of the Peasants) on guitar
    Tony Goddess (of Papas Fritas) is on keyboards
    Dave Hull is on bass

    :idea: Show Dates: :idea:

    :arrow: Friday, October 10th (Lard Zeppelin),
    140 Pleasant Street
    Northampton, MA.

    :arrow: Thurs., October 9th
    The Paradise Front Room
    969 Commonwealth Ave.
    Boston, MA.

    You lucky so and so’s that will get to attend I hope wil post a review and maybe some pics! :wink:

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    from the Peasants news page "In keeping with the Overweight Tribute Band Theme, J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) suggested we call it Lard Zeppelin."


    cool and interesting news, indeed! 8) :!: :aliensmile:

    I wish I could one of those shows, but alas, too far away for me :|

    hopefully we’ll see some reviews & pics here (…or even sounds?! :idea: )


    Bucky Ramone

    At last….a worthy successor to the mighty


    8) :wink:



    from Ray

    Hey, My name is Ray. I’m the singer in Lard Zep. with J. Just wanted to ask if you could correct the name of the guy playing bass. It was gonna be Frank Padellaro, but he couldn’t make it ’cause of schedule problems. The guy taking his place is Dave Hull who toured in Buddy Miles’ band back in the day, also he played in the Joe Perry project and also more recently played for Pete Droge. Thanks -Ray Neades

    I hope someone tapes this! ;)

    The initial post was updated as well to reflect the change

    on a related note, some of you may remember this classic interview Ray did with the Fog 04.15.2001 – http://www.hootpage.com/hoot_fogintrvw010405.html”>http://www.hootpage.com/hoot_fogintrvw010405.html



    oooh … j playing drums in a led zep cover band … sounds v.cool … wish i could be there too, but it’s a bit too far away for me as well … :wink: … hopefully j will play drums this side of the atlantic one day :mrgreen:

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