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    Hey, I’m just being really scavengous, and wanted to know some good record labels. So I can go to them and d/l free music and check out new bands. I still dont do kazaa, mp3 search, etc…

    So what are the labels of your favorite bands?

    I like good music, so what ever bands you all like, just put them here, and/or what their record label is, please. thanks a lot.



    Cool idea snow!

    the thermals:

    a lot of subpop mp3’s, videos etc:

    go to media, choose music, go for the songs from the first two albums(same old tunes, life on a plate,) first.

    You might as well go to http://www.burningheart.com one of the few great punk/rock labels left(trbngr,the hives,millencolin etc.) Choose from the band rooster and be transported to their websites, they all have some audio goodies for you.

    Guided by voices:

    There are about fivethousand more, but I have to run now.



    Thrilljockey Records:from the alt country of Freakwater to the electronic music of Mouse On Mars…



    Hey Robert The Thermals is a new band for me. I like their mp3s, especially the old one called ‘no culture icons’. Reminds me of Gbv, not only the bad soundquality but the singing also. Is The Thermals from Norway? Thanks for the link, ill have to liste a bit to them. :D



    Hi Aatos, glad to hear you like them. Both their albums, more parts per million and fuckin a, are well worth the money(or the bandwidth,) so you should give them a home in your stereo. Sadly they’re not from Norway, that would’ve been vitto heaven. They used to be in some sort of country bands, and just teamed up to be the thermals for fun. I guess they found out it was more fun to make great rock instead of whiny country.

    Oh and I like this one a lot




    Hey Robert, do you know a band called Popium? I’m not quite sure, but i think they are from Norway. I heard one of their songs in a skatevideo and it was good. Haven’t heard more.



    You know, I actually met the popium vocalist the other day. Next time I’ll tell him his music has been heard by finns. That should please him.
    So yeah, norwegian band. Didn’t think their music would be in a skate movie though. Would’ve thought it was too pop. The two first albums are great. Haven’t heard the 3rd(has it even been released yet?)
    How high can you ollie ? :P



    Well.. Here in Finland Popium is "totally underground"… Are they big in Norway? Tell the vocalist that if they tour to Finland there would probably be audience. At least i would go and listen to them… :D
    Hmm.. I don’t know the name of the song in the video, but i think it fits quite good there. Its a finnish skateboardvideomag(like 411vm in usa).

    Actually i think ollie is the hardest trick on skateboard. You can never really get it good/perfect… I don’t know how you measure ollies in Norway, but we count with "decks". One deck is wheels+trucks+board from side, its about 10 cm. I think my personal record is 6 decks. That is quite a normal ollie, not a "big poppa"… :) The world record is about 12 decks or something..

    By the way, yesterday a friend of mine, who is an exchange student in Houston Texas, got caught while skating in a school yard. Now he has to go to court and might get punished. Jail or some kind of stateserving are possible because he is 17 years old… The crazy rumours about Usa and all the jurisdictions against skateboarding seems to be quite true… Probably no one has gotten arrested here for skateboarding.. :/



    They’re not exactly huge here in norway. Though I think a lot of people know the name of the band because they’ve had a couple of minor "hits."
    The vocalist works in a pub in oslo(not sure if it’s full time though,) so I guess that means they’re not selling shitloads of records :)

    Have you seen public domain? I think that’s the movie where a guy(can’t remember the name,) ollies over a meeting car down a hill. The movie is probably 15 years old though, so my memory might trick me.

    Arrested for skateboarding ? That’s pretty harsh. Though skateboarding was illegal until ’90 here in norway. Skateboarding was a crime in 1989 is a cool song about the subject(no vocals though :P )

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