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    being employed at the same place where j. gets some of his gear,
    i have seen some cool stuff that he has bought. god i love my job…



    kool thing indeed! :mrgreen:



    Yes, that got to be cool!



    Where is that and what has he bought?


    Randy Jane

    Man…….I need to move…I cant get jobs around here. I really want to work in a guitar store….BAD! None of the ones around here are doing enough business to hire anyone else though. I went to one guitar store and asked if they were hiring, and the guys were all, "nah, were brothers running this business. We dont get enough customers coming in to hire anyone right now…you’re like sixteenth in line, every kid that comes in here and gets lessons wants to work here." Friggin….I could give THEM lessons, Im a little more advanced than they give me credit with. Ah well, but yeah, I need a kool job. Generally I get a job just to have a job and then lose it because im not fast enough in 3 days or something. I need my own guitar store….I think that would run a few out of this town……or well, there are only two anyways and they suck.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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