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    I’m sure I’ll get everyone else who attended last night’s show to vouch that it was amazing. I really hope that someone recorded and will post it in the near future. It was my third time seeing him, but I would have to say that last night’s acoustic show was by far the best I’ve attended. Just a lot calmer and intimate, rather than loud and distorted. But don’t get me wrong, the others were great as well. The only thing that pissed me off was this older fatass making out with his nasty woman right next to me the entire show. That didn’t piss me off, though, just disgusted me. What pissed me off was that this ass had about 10 flyers that he got J to sign and was then trying to sell them for 10 bucks a pop. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an item on ebay for "authentic flyers from Japan signed by J Mascis himself." Anyway, after asking the guy for one of the many flyers I saw he had and getting that response, I got the Blue Cats flyer and J was polite enough to sign it for me. I wish I would have brought a camera, but I read that he didn’t like the flashes. He didn’t seem to mind last night, though. I can’t wait to see any pics that were caught and also to get the show if anyone recorded it.


    Bucky Ramone

    Sounds like a cool show <img> , shame about those irritating people that spoil the show for others…. <img> <img>



    Sounds like a cool show in spite of the icky crap next to you…that sounds kinda scary actually <img> Hopefully those pics and recordings show up sometime soon!!! Thanks for sharing the experience <img>


    oh yeah…Don’t buy those authentic signed posters from Japan <img>

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