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    the knoxville show was really really good. J really seemed to be having a good time- his playing was awesome as always- i guess my favorites of the night were Alone and Ammaring – he played some really long, fantastic solos. i got a good recording and im going to send it to Jeremiah so he can get it up here for everyone. and i got a lot of good pictures on a digital camera so when i figure out how to get those up here – i will. the cats cradle show in carborro was great. Well worth the trip- i got to talk to J both nights for a little while- he was very nice- said that the new album will be out in Japan in august and here in october. so thats something good to look forward to. i got to speak with Jeremiah in Carborro- he’s a very nice guy and it was good to see him again. i got some good pics from this show too.
    so ill try to get those up. we got to hear a little of the soundcheck and heard J do a little of Forget the Swan-
    i was hoping he’d play that in the show. anyway- both nights were awesome- so go see him if you get a chance- you wont regret it. here the set lists:
    Just like heaven
    mikes house
    blowin it
    everybody lets me down
    little furry things
    flying cloud
    get me
    on the run
    not you again
    the lung/throw down
    every mothers son
    the wagon
    the cats cradle was the same setlist but no just like heaven- and no every mothers son- but he played drawings instead.
    in knoxville some guy got up on stage while J was playing and stood right next to him and took a picture-
    it was pretty rude- i think it scared him a little- after the song was over J said that he thought that the sasquatch had come to get him. and that he thought for a minute that the mystery had been solved. it was pretty funny.

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    sorry i forgot to mention Des Ark, who opened for J on both nights- if you ever get a chance to see them- go.
    they were one of the best bands ive seen in awhile.
    the music is kind of hard to describe- but definately very very good.



    Thanks for the review and setlist Hatchetface <img>



    great review Hatchetface! <img> Nice seeing you again too <img>


    Nathan Noah

    I went to the Cats Cradle show with a friend. I had hoped to maybe meet J at one point before or after the show but never thought I would get such a quick opportunity. Me and my friend were sitting down next to a few people and the whole while I was telling him that the guy over there kinda looked like j but i wasnt really sure because I hadnt seen what he looked like in a while. Anyways finally someone came up and said hi j and we were in shock. We got up kinda embarassed and said hello and what happened, we were really nervouse talking to him mostly because he was so reserved and shy acting himself. But he was cool and signed my martin and me booklet and my friends spin magazine "j mascis is god" cover. finally the show came. the opening bands were alright but the anticipation for j was too much to really get too into them. the set was greaT AS mentioned and the one new song played was good. he played solos on what else is new, ammaring, get me, and alone. they were really long and just plain amazing. it was awesome how he played em all acoustic and then hit the fuzz or the pedals and jammed. one song for the encore was a little dissapointing but the fact that he played 20 songs more than made up for it. we saw his setlist though and he had more written on it that he didnt play for some reason. we got to get pictures with him after the show and to tell him that he is amazing and he said cool thanks in an almost inaudible voice. i hope i get another opportunity to see him live



    i taped "des ark" too…..?……i havn’t even listened to it



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by coco:
    <strong>i taped "des ark" too…..?……i havn’t even listened to it</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>I’d love to hear that one too!!!

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