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    My Bloody Valentine man plays rare gig
    Kevin Shields joins Gemma Hayes on stage
    My Bloody Valentine main man Kevin Shields made a rare live appearance in London last night (February 9).

    The reclusive musician joined Gemma Hayes during her gig at the Enterprise pub in Camden.

    Introducing Shields during the encore Hayes explained: "There are two people I’ve always wanted to play with, Bob Dylan and Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine and he’s here!"

    Inviting Shields – who had watched the gig largely unnoticed by fans in the audience – to join her on guitar, Hayes added: "If we get this right he’s going to come up here and play with us, I’m shaking in my boots."

    Sheilds played guitar with Hayes on a new song ‘Nowhere Man And Whisky Girl’.

    The Irish singer-songwriter meanwhile played a full set drawing on songs from her debut album ‘Night On My Side’ and her recent record ‘Roads Don’t Love You’.

    man, i work v.close to that pub … and i never knew about this show :P




    ok … here’s a great link to the live video … many thanks to whoever took this footage + put it up on the net :D ;D :D

    http://www.gemmahayes-makingwaves.net/LondonCamdenEnterprise-09-Feb-2006-NowhereManWhiskeyGirl.mpg”>http://www.gemmahayes-makingwaves.net/L … eyGirl.mpg

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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