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    Just thought i’d get involved and tell you a little.
    I’ve been a big Dinosaur fan for about ten years now. I’d heard ‘Freakscene’ and ‘Just like Heaven’ on some old sk8 vids and really got in to the sound. My friend Graeme had copies of ‘Greenmind’ and ‘Fossils’- I borrowed them and man did i wear them out!
    Anyway, heres my J storie bit.
    I had been to see Dinosaur play a couple of times, the first was when i won tickets for the rollercoaster show at Brixton on 5/4/’92… what a show! I took my friend Rob and it was the first big gig that we had been to. I remember we ran straight to the front of the academy to get the best view of the show. For some reason, they had huge curtains in front of the stage (maybe so you couldnt tell who was going on first-the tour rotated betrween Dinosaur, Blur, MBV and J+M Chain)
    I remember about ten minutes before the show began, i got a glimps through a gap in that curtain and saw J there talkin, wearing a wierd green check shirt. By this time we were so excited.
    All of a sudden, the curtains parted and I can say to this day that I have never experience such musical power in my life…. J opened up with his guitar and wow.. changed my life forever.
    The next time (and last time) i got to see J play was also at Brixton on 27/02/’93 which was sooo cool, bt the coolest part of this long winded story is when I met J at the next show I saw on 8/10/94
    Me and two friend were waiting outside the Brixton academy, when i looked over to see this guy with familier long, straight hair, BIG sun glasses and a ‘BIG BERTHA’ golf hat( not forgetting his open space scene motive shirt with an Alien Workshop tee underneeth!!) J MASCIS!!! Lord of all which is load and heavenly was standin nearby!!!
    I plucked up mine and my friends courage and went to meet this hero of mine. What do you say though? I played it cool, and while he signed my ticket with a nice luminous ‘J’, I asked him who would be supporting them that night. He replied with "eer i, er, yeah… it’s sixty foot dolls and Laika?"
    I asked what they were like, and he said " Er, i dunno… i dont think i ever heard them.."
    What a Guy…
    Sorry this went on… my mind was gettin nostalgic and stuff.
    Gonna catch up with J and the Fog in Leeds in June… Its been 7 YEARS since my last J show
    Can’t wait
    Memories are a blessing… [img]images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img] nullnull

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