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    …and what a ride it was! :shock:

    Opening for him was a local band, Believe in Toledo, who played their last show tonight, after 6 years of rockin’ Tallahassee. Sad to see them go, but most of them have already started other projects, so there should be some good stuff coming from that. :aliensmile:

    After that was Five Eight from Athens, who rocked the house and were funny as well. 8)

    Between the other bands, a pirate band (ARRR) played out on the front deck.

    …as for Watt, they played the entire new album front to back, and them did a four song encore which included "The Red and the Black" and "This Ain’t No Picnic", all with an organ instead of a guitar! Very Awesome!!! :mrgreen:

    After the show, Mike hung around to sell his own merchandise himself. I scored me a cool shirt and a signed post, of which I will now have to find a frame to put it in…

    I very briefly got to talk to him and I mentioned that I helped out with freakscene (to which he said he had much respect :mrgreen: ) and invited him to come around here and post or at least send us an email or something, so I hope he will. 8)

    The only bummer for the night is that I left my friggin’ camera at home! GRRR :x

    Oh well… Watt comes through here on every tour, so hopefully I’ll get another oppertunity to get some pics next time.

    Well, I’m beat, so I’m off to bed… g’night all! :)



    so interesting to hear that Watt is aware of Freakscene, and that he might even stop by once… how cool would that be! :mrgreen:
    great you enjoyed the show, Mattman, thanks for the review :D



    NOTHING CAN STOP THE WATT!!! :aliensmile: :D :)
    Cool you got to talk to him,Matt :)



    So what did he say about running for president in 08?


    fata morgana

    I missed him when he came to Montreal. He came on Thanksgiving week-end. Had I known.. :? I saw posters about it only after the fact… Unfortunately, my very good friend had to hear me rant about it for an hour or so… :x :roll:

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