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    A bit plagiary <img> (Salamiguys thread "I just bought"), but this one is about tickets you just bought for concerts/ gigs. It might work as a sugestion-thread as well, so please add the date and place.

    Mercury Rev, 20 april in Paradiso Amsterdam
    Billy B. Thornton, 10 april in Melkweg Amsterdam
    The Gourds, 28 march in Paradiso Amsterdam
    Pete Yorn, 11 march in Paradiso Amsterdam
    Garbage, 11 april in Heinekenhall Amsterdam



    j mascis – march 23 – philadelphia
    j mascis – march 24 – baltimore



    Long Distance Drunk

    White Stripes–March 30, Rosebud, Pittsburgh, Pa

    Is it hard to get ticket for shows in Amsterdam? I always thought that Europeans would think "*fill in the blank* isn’t coming to my town, but we could go see them in Amsterdam…" Just curious.



    Hit the Wine

    Never really had that problem – most bands come to London <img> Also, contrary to public opinion, Europe is a pretty big place, consisting of quite a few countries and capitals that bands do sometimes play – Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Rome, Budapest, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Gothenberg, Helsinki, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Frankfurt etc. And anyway, there are a lot better reasons to go to Amsterdam than for gigs!

    Although never got to see the Philistines Jr here – have they ever played in Amsterdam. Melkweg is a really cool club/venue – would definitely recommend a visit.


    buckingham rabbit

    cat power, march 12, san diego CA. saw her in sf a year or two ago at a venue that held like 6 or 700 people. this place holds 200 max probably, should be much better. also goes to show how lame the people in san diego are. <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    Pete Yorn – March 11 Upstairs hall Paradiso
    Millionaire – March 21 Paradiso (with Freedy Johnston playing the small upstairs hall later that evening!)
    Billy Bob Thornton – April 10 Melkweg
    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – April 14 Paradiso
    Godspeed You Black Emperor – April 18 Paradiso
    Mercury Rev – April 20 Paradiso

    ….still thinking about buying tickets for:
    Ken Stringfellow – April 23 Paradiso
    Lambchop – April 30 Paradiso
    those two shows are ‘seats only’, and that’s something I don’t like at all, somehow that’s not my idea of a nice gig…..

    Upcoming shows (no tickets available yet):
    Dave Eugene Edwards & Woven Hand – April 24 Melkweg (of Sixteen Horsepower fame!)
    Grant Lee Phillips – April 15 Upstairs hall Paradiso



    I once went to a “only seats-concertâ€


    Bucky Ramone

    David Eugene Edwards & Woven Hand – April 24 Melkweg
    new (side-)project of the singer from 16 Horsepower

    Another ‘seats only’ show coming up <img> : Evan Dando at the Paradiso, the 4th of April, I’m going to boycot all ‘seats only’ shows at the Paradiso!!!!

    <img> <img> <img> <img>



    A closed bar <img> <img> <img> Thats gotta hurt!!!

    Hellacopters are touring the US soon <img> <img> <img>
    not sure which show we will go to but checking the dates… Hellacopters tour..

    Hopefully it will be warm by then…freezing here:rolleyes:



    K7 Rides Again

    going in 30 minutes to pick up J tickets for the COL show…

    Hellacopters are going to be in the COL 3 days b4 J…since certain people have introduced me to them <img> , I think I’ll have to check into some tix for that too! <img>



    Den Buck,
    You are /were right, no bar at the big hall. So at the Joe Jackson-gig, I switched to the bar at the small hall…..no Joe Jackson but good beer and if my memory serves me well they played some nice ceedees <img> <img> .


    K7 Rides Again

    speaking of tickets…I got the best ticket in all the world today!!! <img>

    Oh yeah!!! It’s only goinna cost me $80. So what is this great ticket you ask? <img>

    That’s right! A speeding ticket! Apparently the work truck w/ a bobcat is over 4 tons. And in OH, if you’re over 4 tons, you have to go 55mph as compared to the normal 65mph!!! No one ever told me, and yet I’m the one left holding the bag (better known as eating the WHOLE shit sandwich and asking for more)! On top of that, it’s my second in one year, so the state throws on an extra $25 for that.

    2 more points on my license, I’m out $105, and my insurance rates are goinna go through the roof since technically I was driving a commercial vehicle which apparently has the potential to be far more dangerous than a normal vehicle.

    Yessiree, it’s the best ticket ever!!! Don’t you all wish you could get your hands on a ticket like this?
    <img> <img> <img> <img>



    Oh Kurticus7,
    I,ve been there too, tickets for nothing <img> <img>
    When I was younger…in the eighties a ticket for "the Police" was worth while" but the times they are a changing!!



    Hey Kurticus,

    Those tickets suck, last one I got was over 90 bucks plus the demerit on the license deal <img> which means I lose a discount on my insurance <img>

    But hey J and the Hellacopters all in one week, thats a pretty good consolation prize <img> The Hellacopters are pretty sonic, looking forward to that myself…b’day present for VG roadtrip to the show <img> Hmmm I remember something about a certain someone having a digital cam…wonder who that could be <img>




    I’ve bought alot in the last two weeks.

    March 22nd, 2002 – Fugazi – U. of Richmond, Richmond, VA
    April 14th, 2002 – Guided By Voices w/Mark Linkous – Alley Katz, Richmond, VA
    May 1st, 2002 – Garbage – The Norva, Virginia Beach, VA
    May 26th & 27th, 2002 – HFSfest – RFK Stadium, Washington, DC
    June 5th, 2002 – Green Day/Blink-182/Saves The Day – MCI Center, Washington, DC
    June 23rd, 2002 – Hoobastank/Incubus – The Coliseum, Richmond, VA
    August 7th, 2002 – Van’s Warped Tour – Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre Parking Lot – Virginia Beach, VA

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