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    Bucky Ramone

    1. Ben Folds: Fred Jones part 2
    2. Paul Westerberg: Dirt to mud
    3. Mojave 3: In love with a view
    4. Ryan Adams: Answering bell
    5. Chris Cacavas: Don’t think twice
    6. Wilco: War on war
    7. Cake: Meanwhile, Rick James
    8. Morcheeba feat. Kurt Wagner: What New York couples fight about
    9. Terry Callier: Darker than a shadow
    10. Billie Holiday: Don’t explain (Dzihan & Kamien remix)
    11. Sven van Hees: Suspension on disbelief
    12. Hildegard Knef: Bei dir war es immer so schön (Hans Niewandt remix)
    13. Sixteen Horsepower: Hutterite mile
    14. Norfolk & Western: Slide
    15. The Reindeer Section: Grand parade
    16. Kid Loco: Cocaine Diana
    17. Sonic Youth: The empty page
    18. The Mountain Goats: The best ever death metal band in Denton
    19. Kelly Hogan: Rubber duckie



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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