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    The Animatrix DVD

    & Some Prince Albums [img][/img]
    * Dirty Mind
    * Parade
    * Controversy
    * Prince
    * 4 U


    Bucky Ramone

    Fountains of Wayne – Welcome Interstate Managers
    …summer record of the year…. :D :lol:

    Me First & the Gimme Gimmes – Take a break
    ….good runner-up for summer record of the year…. :lol: :D



    Why buy when your coworker will give them to me for free?

    Built to Spill-Keep it Like a Secret
    Cursive- The Ugly Organ
    Mogwai-Happy Songs For Happy People
    Swervdriver: 99th Dream
    Stereolab-Mars Audiac Quintet

    That said, I did buy:
    -A new Discman (can play MP3 data disc’s, neet!)
    -Despite Everything: The Cometbus Omnibus
    -Belle and Sebastian-If You’re Feeling Sinister.
    -William S. Burroughs-Queer



    Swervedriver`s 99th Dream makes a good frisbee since the music is`nt too good :P their other albums are great though

    Slint from the wonderful music scene of Louisville,KY:Eleventh Dream Day(formed in Chicago but their roots are in Louisville)Squirrel Bait(some of them were in Slint later),Freakwater,Palace Brothers,Tel Aviv,Bodeco,King Kong,Retsin,Rodan,etc.
    I always play Don A Man from Spiderland around Halloween cuz it`s such a spooky song :shock: did you know the drummer from Slint(Britt Walford) was in the Breeders on their Pod album?he was the original drummer in Squirrel Bait but was fired for being crazy :twisted:


    Bucky Ramone

    …..and of course, David Pajo was in Slint, occasional Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy collaborator, releasing solo stuff as Papa M, and now fulltime member of Billy Corgan’s new band Zwan….

    back to topic, bought today:

    John Cale – Five Tracks
    Pinback – Offcell
    Chris Brokaw – Wandering as water



    They still were free. I told her I liked that dog. She downloaded them at home, and hated it. Said it was Kraft Singles music (close to something you like, but not there). :P


    buckingham rabbit

    Rock on with your "Keep it Like a Secret"!!! Fuck Louisville when you got Idaho!!! I’m sure you can relate. Oh, I had a lot of beers tonight (and last night). :lol:


    "buckingham rabbit" wrote:
    Oh, I had a lot of beers tonight (and last night). :lol:

    Sounds like fun :aliensmile:

    Picked up Deniz Tek (ex radio birdman) & The Golden Breed- Glass Eye World :mrgreen:

    Not sold on Deniz Tek’s vocals, good thing he’s such a great guitar player :!: Best songs…Always Out Of Reach & Let’s Go 8)

    CareerRecords :aliensmile:



    What bands are from Idaho?BTS,Tree People,Caustic Resin and what else?alot of potatoes :lol:

    SG-beer deprived :( :? :evil: :wink:


    Bucky Ramone
    "SG" wrote:
    What bands are from Idaho?BTS,Tree People,Caustic Resin and what else?alot of potatoes :lol:
    SG-beer deprived :( :? :evil: :wink:

    Talking about Idaho:

    For instance, you look up Built to Spill because you’ve read about them in some indie ‘zine. You see that there is this other band cross-listed with Built to Spill called Stuntman. That’s a bonus because Stuntman is still pretty obscure. Where you really rack up the points is by pointing out that both those bands arose out of Treepeople. You couldn’t pick Treepeople out of a lineup, but you’ve just linked three cool bands from Idaho. That’s right, Idaho. Who the heck is going to doubt your authority after that?

    …..from the very funny So you wanna fake being an indie rock expert? :twisted:

    den Buck, about to go and drink a nice cold ice cold Palm beer (or maybe two…. :wink: ) ! 8)


    buckingham rabbit

    Oh, Salami got busted!! :wink:



    They did`nt mention that the Tree People came out of a hardcore band called State Of Confusion so ha! :P :wink:

    back to topic:

    Peggy Lee-Let`s Do It
    Sonny Boy Williamson-Real Folk Blues
    Albert King-Very Best Of
    John Lee Hooker-Deja Vu Retro Gold Collection(2 cd`s)



    Yo La Tengo- I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One
    Bunnygrunt-Action Pants!


    buckingham rabbit

    Wherehouse Music bankrupcy is awesome!

    There’s a big one here that is closing. Last week new stuff was 40% off. Used cds were 75% off. They are so overprice normally that even 40% off a new cd isn’t that great, but it’s still pretty good.

    New I got:

    Yo La Tengo–Summer Sun–$11
    The Coral–s/t–$8 ( I was actually ripped off here cause it’s list price was only 10)

    I bought 13 used cds for about $2 each. Some of them I have and plan to sell for more or were things I was taking a gamble on and may not keep anyway. But for $2, who cares?

    I went back today and new stuff was 50% off. So I got:

    Soundtrack of Our Lives–Behind the Music–$6
    Elvis Costello–Imperial Bedroom (2 disc)–$9
    Flaming Lips–Yoshimi Battles…–$7
    Iggy Pop–Lust for Life–$7

    Goes up to 60% off next week! They have a lot of shit that’s only ten normally because they are discounted as promos (like the D4, Libertines, Stratford 4) that I will probably pick up, as well as the new Nick Cave and New Pornographers. People in San Diego are chumps and don’t have good taste, so I’m pretty confident all this stuff will still be there.

    I’m really liking the Grandaddy, btw. I bought it kind of on a whim and am really pleasantly surprised.


    Bucky Ramone

    …Hey BR, sounds like a great sale, lots of cool stuff (and the new Grandaddy for only 8$, that’s what I call lots of value for money….. 8) )

    I bought:

    Alejandro Escovedo – Live Heilbronn (Germany) 12.12.2002 (official Blue Rose Bootleg)

    the Thermals – More parts per million
    13 songs in 26 minutes, GBV meets the Strokes? ….never a dull momment, on Sub Pop 8)

    the Sad Riders – Lay your head on the soft rock
    Swiss Dino-adepts Favez go (alt-)country with surprising results, ending up sounding a little like Belgian bands like dEUS and Admiral Freebee, nice…. :)

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