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    anyone out there road trippin to knoxvegas for the july 5 show at blue cats? blue cats is a pretty good venue with decent sound and primo taping spots if you’re into that type of thing. i’ll be there let me know and i’ll look 4 u.


    Randy Jane

    I may be there….im not sure yet on how id get there, if I go. Any word yet on if its acoustic, or electric? I really wanna see an electric show.




    i haven’t heard if it is acoustic or not. i hope it is electric as well. nobody works distortion and feedback like j. i’ll keep eyes on here to see if it is announced.



    Hi a45minj,
    I’ll be at this show for sure. <img> I already preordered my tickets this week so I can’t wait to go. I have not heard that this show is suppose to be electric, so unless otherwise listed before the show I would expect this one to be acoustic with all the others so far. ….Let the looping and fuzz begin. <img>

    Sincerely, Chris



    ha ha hullo, can anyone please tell me where J will be playing (specific venue necessary, please!) in portland, Maine, On july 27, i think??? i am so thrilled to see him perform again, first with a real band in atlanta for the 4th fest (getting my transport finalized this week for the journey south to see sludgie) and then to see j once more in my old stompin’ grounds back in the state of maine (oh J please do not be booked at the freakin’ civic center ppplease!) i gotta get tix immediately and make plans to crash w/ my brother in his little bit of heaven in the middle of the biggest most culturally advanced city in vacationland(ain’t sayin ‘ much as it’s a mere village with a baked bean factory plunked on the edge of the ocean, really)…someone, anyone ask J if he needs a place to stay in portland? there is room in my tent. all men, boys, or dogs welcome!!!



    Hey S,

    You can find the club info in this thread

    new J dates




    t’anks ever so, i missed that thread somehow or other and i went totally cuckoo cuckoo on thursday when i discovered J was gonna play in my home state of ME, will it be acoustic? will he have a band? i DO NOT CARE. happy i am, this summer is shaping up nicely…
    i really do get by with a little help from my friends… heck yes, just purchased my ticket online at the skinny in pot-land, anyone need a backyard to sleep in that night? i can promise a good time will be had by all!
    Thanks again Allison,



    i dont know – i guess we’ll have to see what happens in atlanta- if he plays with a band there- then he might bring them along for the rest of the tour. im pretty excited about the knoxville show- i cant believe that blue cats is actually having J play there. i couldnt believe that mike watt played there last month either. blue cats is a cool place- it has a nice patio. if your coming from out of town you ought to get there early enough to check out the disc exchange- its one of the best cd places ive been too. they dont have all that much in the way of dinosaur or fog stuff though- but pretty much anything else.

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    I am there baby!

    But this time I will be equipped with a camera and earplugs. <img>

    l8r- Shane



    Sounds like more than a few heading to the big show tonite…cool <img> Looking forward to some pics, reviews and anything else you want to share!

    RJ hope you make it to the show, like I said don’t think you will regret it at all…that loop/sonic blast thing sounds pretty damn cool <img>

    Enjoy the show!!!

    Allison <img>

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