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    i just got this from this nirvana bootleg community.

    posted by marc melfi

    Fantastic show almost all around. Really of the best shows I’ve ever been to.
    Magick Markers was fucking horrible. They got booed and cut their set early. The drummer and one of the guitarists was standing towards the doors at the end of the show trying to sell stuff, and only two people bothered to see them.
    Broken Social Scene was decent, but their set went on too long. The sound was pretty shitty due to them missing soundcheck, but they still put on a tight show. A lot better than I expected.
    Dinosaur Jr. was just fantastic. Absolutely tight and it was obviously they were having a blast. As expected, everything was off the first three albums, and all of the "hits" (Freak Scene, Just Like Heaven, In A Jar) were played. Towards the end of the show, one of J’s amps started smoking, which probably led to one or two songs being cut from the setlist. They ended the show taking requests and played an incredible version of "Thumb".
    Overall, just a fantastic show and if you get the chance, you should see them on this tour.


    "xyuband" wrote:
    They ended the show taking requests and played an incredible version of "Thumb".

    Well, I know for a fact this isn’t true. :lol:

    Still, cool to see so much excitement outside of this community as well. Thanks for posting!



    Yeah I saw it start smoking. It was his most famous purple one. Lou was like one of J’s amps is on fire. He also didn’t have his new rack delay he had to use a pedal. The show was awesome. They rushed through songs more than LA but still great. And they had new gear for sale. A purple cow shirt with the dates on the back. A red cow shirt with monkey on the back. The new t-shirts on the website with J Lou, Murph, the hats, and an J. Mascis and Friends sing and Chant for AMma album.
    The setlist was roughly

    In A jar
    The post
    Mountain man
    No Bones (not sure if they played it)
    Bulbs of Passion
    The Leper

    Encore 1:
    Just Like Heavan

    Encore 2


    King Tubby

    Alright then, between tonight and tomorrow I better hear "Tarpit" and "The Post," or someone’s gonna pay…..



    i had to miss the phila show last night due to too much homework, a lack of travellin’ money and general exhaustion. glad the smoky amp didn’t ruin it for people. it figures the show on the 13th would have a problem :)

    they must have gotten a new shirt shipment as i don’t think red cow t’s were available at the dc show the other nite.

    i’m also glad the majic markers got booed and cut their set because they really are bad. i mean, not in the sense of "i just didn’t like them" bad, i mean in the sense of musically and performance-wise awful. i can’t figure out who would put a band that seems to barely be able to play on a bill with someone like j where the audience appreciates skillz.



    i will be in the audience going nuts for magik markers because i appreciate their music. it was probably j who put them on the show – i’ve seen him play with them before. they have more guts than most crap-ass bands around these days.

    i will then be in the audience going nuts for dinosaur jr.



    magik markers fucking rock and it hurts me that they get so much hate.

    Here’s the real setlist.. certainly no thumb, no no bones, no leper, etc..

    In a Jar, Post, Mountain Man, Little Fury, Raisans, Budge, Kracked, Tarpit, Sludge, Gargoyle, Repulsion, Bulbs, Swan

    E: Just Like Heaven, Freakscene

    E2: Lung, Chunks


    "kracked873" wrote:
    magik markers fucking rock and it hurts me that they get so much hate.

    maybe if they were playing on a bill with some more experimental act or at an art gallery they wouldn’t incur so much wrath. they struck me as more of a performance art group than an actual band, sort of in the pere ubu vein but less musical.

    also, in terms of tailoring a setlist for the actual audience, it’s ridiculous to play a reunion show that’s guaranteed to bring out a bunch of thirty- and fortysomethings and then stand up there and intone lyrics or poetry about how at least you have your youth and you won’t have it long.



    Yea. I think I heard her say something along the lines of "WHO CAME HERE TO SUCK J MASCIS’S DICK TONIGHT!?!" No one wants that, they just wanna see Dinosaur. Not to mention, Lou got alot of love at the DC show.



    whatever dudes they fucking rock and theyre wicked cool people, wicked sick drummer. they made my past 4 dinosaur shows much more amazing. the 1st night i saw them i didnt really know what to think.. but i loved it then the next 3 nights i was totally blown away, guess cause i knew what theyre all about.



    and don’t forget that J recorded with the Magik Markers for their new album:


    and they’re on Thurston Moore’s label Ecstatic Peace.
    so it’s not that much of a surprise that they were opening for a bunch of Dino shows.


    King Tubby

    Magik Markers ARE really, really terrible, though. I listen to loads of noise stuff that makes most people look at me funny when they hear it, but that band was just completely awful. Even if it’s supposed to be performance art, at least they could get a decent sound instead of sounding like utter crap. Given that J is such a sound-oriented guy, I can’t figure out why he likes them at all. Maybe he just thinks they’re nice folks and wants to help them out. Whatever the case, they’re total rubbish, and their drummer is embarrassingly bad. If you can avoid seeing them at all, I’d highly recommend it.

    Sorry kracked873, but I think you’ve flipped your lid or something. Either that, or I need some of what you’re smoking…..



    smoke what i’m smoking or don’t

    but pete’s a sick drummer and theyre fucking awesome.



    Yea, even though I’m not a fan either I have to say the drummer was pretty cool.



    magic markers are the worst band ever.
    they FUCKING SUCK!!!!

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