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    hey all, dunno if anyone else has already posted anything like this already, but i just came back from the hilken mancini + chris colbourn/juliana hatfield trio show in brussels, it was awesome btw. well it was special enough cuz juliana played solo as opposed to with a rhythm section as was billed, but what was really fucking amazing was that the second song she played in her encore was Raisans!! As soon as she started intricately strumming away the first notes on her banged up sg deluxe, a huge grin forced its way onto my face and stayed there until the end. As most of you know, she has the voice of an angel, so it made for a very intimate and beautiful rendition of the song, especially since i was right up against the center of the stage. It always seems special to me how there are connections between these boston-based artists, as there are between most bands from the same locations, however, juliana was amazing on the lemonheads releases that she participated in and hopefully, some of you will get to hear her play some good ol dinosaur, cuz it flat out kicked ass. goodnight.



    in interviews Juliana Hatfield has said that J is her favourite guitarist

    she released a cover of Raisans as a b-side on her Forever Baby single in 1992 and a cover of Severed Lips was a b-side on a Blake Babies single from 1991



    I’ve heard she plays Tarpit sometimes.



    Love her version of Raisins, sounds like a wicked show. Hope to get a chance to check out a Hilken M & Chris C show sometime, love the new disc!!!



    gotta hear that severed lips



    I saw her last week in London and she was amazing, I’m so glad she made it over here.

    Her version of Servered Lips is really worth checking out, it’s on a 5 track ep called Rosy Jack World. It’s really very beautiful.



    Blake Babies’ version of Severed Lips was actually one of the first Dino songs I ever heard. Took me some time to get used to the original version once I got my hands on the first Dino album some time later.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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