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    yo, j and fog at HOB of course 6/10, but just heard sonic youth is playing a show at troubador (1 mi. away) same nite (tix go onsale friday). anyone know anything about this?? or better yet, will i be able to catch both in one nite? i’m flying from RI to see J and bought my tix (that’s right, Rhode Island- so J play ‘thumb,’ please and thank you) but had i known i woulda bought tix for j in anaheim the next nite and caught sy first. anyone know how this will turn out? i would imagine the sy guys will try to catch j or vice versa? i dont wanna buy 2 tix for sy and miss em.



    hey hickorywind, I really hope the info will get sorted soon! if anyone should find out something new, it would be of great help!
    wow, flying over from RI, that’s cool, have big fun, really hope you’ll catch both J & the Fog and SY :mrgreen: :!:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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