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    So you want J’s sound but you don’t the bucks. Here are a few things that might help you out.

    The guitar is a good place to start. If you aren’t looking for collectors grade les pauls you can sometimes find them for a good price online. Ebay sucks for this Lp’s go for way to much here. Check the online classifieds. Harmony central is a good place to start. I just picked up a 74 standard for $800 there. It is fairly clean in front but the back finish is thrased by belt buckle marks.

    If a les paul at a bargain rate is to much try ebay and look for a 60’s gobson Melody maker. It is basically the same as a les paul Jr. with a different pick up. A lot of times people have them routed for humbuckers which reduces the value and will alow you to put a p90 in there. I find these often for under $400 bucks which is a steal on a vintage gibson.

    Next lets talk amps. Forget solid state amps, no matter what brand including marshall they all suck unless you are going for the Rob Zombie sound.
    The best tube amp I have found is also the cheapest. Sovtek is the way to go. They sound like vintage Marshalls and fenders without the cost and hassles. I have owned a few vintage amps and would take the russian made sovtek any day. The Mig 50 head can be found in classifieds and ebay for under $200. The mig 100 will generally run you around 300. Check out the review pages on harmony central. Hardly any complaints. That is pretty rare for anything on there.

    I use a 71 marshall 4×10 cab I picked up for $220. Check the classifieds. Stay away from ebay thses are pricy there.

    effects you can spend a ton here. I use a wah and big muff both 70’s and paid under 150 for both on ebay.

    So for around $900-1300 you can get a sound like j’s but it still won’t exactly be because you are not J. You just need to look around and be patient.

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