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    found here : http://www.shinylittlerecords.com/LITAinfo2.html

    the year in music

    the casio sk-1 is responisble for that video-game sounding loop. the yamaha portasound is reponsible for the flute sound. i got the stereo effect on that by swinging the microphone over the speaker while playing. the acoustic guitars and the piano were recorded at my aunts house in California over christmas 2000. those guitars on the chorus were created using a method i stole from the band godspeed you black emperor! (one of my favorites, if you couldn’t tell). it involves a screwdriver, the rustier the better. Kerith sings harmony on the chorus. oh and don’t ask me how i got the idea for this songs or what it has to do with sassy magazine, cause i don’t know. i think i only saw sassy magazine once or twice. it had j mascis giving dating advice to teenage girls, which is reason enough for it to be immortalized in song.

    :D 8) :D


    erin the great

    holy shit! Am I the only one who’d kill to see that? (the article)



    Apart from Kim Gordon’s "Uma interview," this is probably my favorite interview with J. Read the article here, where Jamie’s legendary Turnip Farm, once the gathering place for all the cows, is still hiding.



    J has very elusive and funny answers in interviews.

    What gives you inspiration for all those incredible
    solos on Where You Been?
    J : Earthquakes.

    was "goin home" diificult to write. It is one of my favorites,
    and seems more intricate(at least the guitar does) than many other songs of
    J: I can’t remember

    I’m a beginner on guitar. What are some methods to
    become a GREAT guitarist?
    J: No matter what happens, never stop soloing.

    Jay Mascis- you are a great lyricist! How do you get
    J: From eating mangos.I am now addicted to mangos.



    thanks deepsludge …

    it’s true to say he’s very economical with his words :)

    this is a good one

    S’s Question : Do you enjoy fans coming up and talking with you? or are
    you turned off?
    RS Dino Jr : Depends how paranoid I’m feeling at the moment, but
    usually it’s all right.
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