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    If anyone has anything to report on J’s performance or anything else it would really be nice to hear about it from the last few shows. I can’t imagine J is walking out on stage, only to hear a cricket chirp. <img> So give us the hookup on J please.

    Please fill us in on what’s going on.
    Thanks, Chris <img>



    The Sunshine Fix is the guy who used to be in the Olivia Tremor Control,Athens band who did Beatles/Beach Boys type stuff lo fi style.They even toured with REM a few years ago,which is strange since Stipe hates the Beatles.
    Ugly Cassanova is Iassic Brock from Modest Mouse,his side project.
    Steve Malkmus is the ex Pavement guy,The Jicks is his new band.
    The others I don`t know much about but you can check out some info here:




    Thanks to Deepslush & Salamiguy for the extra information and the interest in finding out some more info about J’s most recent shows. <img>

    I know there are others out there that need to share but just need some more encouragement maybe. So to anyone…tells us about a set list, a funny comment J made during a show, or if J took any out of the norm requests from the crowd for a song to play. I look forward to any new information and thanks in advance for anyone’s efforts. <img>

    Sincerely, Chris <img>



    i caught the show in lawrence at the bottleneck.
    i dont think i need to explain how much it rokkt.
    i drove up there from springfield, mo ,with a couple
    of girls. i saw the fog there about a year ago,
    and that was my first live J experience. it was
    obviously extremely loud, but unforgettable.
    i could only tell what J was playing by watching his
    fingers (i know how to play all of his stuff on the
    guitar). i had waited over 10 years to see J. it was
    surreal.i snuck up to his dressing room after to meet
    him & mike & george. everyone was cool as hell.

    anyway, about the acoustic show…
    WOW!! J gets better & better. i watched him come
    thru the ticket line w/ his girl & hang out.
    when he finally came on i sat right in front of him
    on the floor. of course a crowd soon got behind me.
    he started out with the obvious (thumb, get me,
    what else,blowin it…), did a couple of new tunes,
    a killer same day. someone yelled for the lung.
    J said, "the lung live, huh?" and laughed. then
    went straight into the lung and striaght into
    waistin without stopping. i got a few pics (which
    i DIDNT get at the fog show), but havent got em
    back yet. J let me get a pic w/HIM. (thank you!!)
    it was an unbelievable experience for me as any
    fan could imagine. J is truly the most unique artist
    i have had the pleasure of having in my life.
    i can only wait until the next time.



    Thanks For the review Waylon <img>



    Thanks Waylon,
    Thanks for the update on that show. It is really nice to hear that you had such a great experience with both shows.

    Now if we can keep the replys going it would be even better for those of us waiting for J to swing back our way.

    I look forward to many more reviews to be posted. Sincerely, Chris <img>



    WOW!!! Last night at the Troubadour was an experience. It was my first time seeing J..(my bad for not seeing him sooner).. but someother items first.. To the folks working at the Troubador, air conditioning helps. It must have been 85 on the floor, and about 95 upstairs..

    First Band: The Syrup Jeans (???) Just 2 guys with acoustic guitars. Pretty good.. Apparently, some at the club did not know they were on, so they did not rehearse. Ended with "Wake up Litlle Susie"..

    In between: Went outside to smoke (have to love California). This dirty black subaru pulls up front. It is J driving in. Security pulls the cones away, and he parks against the curb. He walks in the front door. Very cool.

    2nd Band: Supreme Dicks. Really cool stuff.. You could really tell who their influences were.. Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground. It was almost like Syd Barrett and Kim Gordon had a daughter, who then begat Lou Reed’s love child. Their distortion came across extremely well in the club. Very Impressive sound. Definitely adding then to my cd’s wish list…

    J: I will not try to review the show here, as Rosa (see: a review, for you.) described it better than I. Same set as most of the other shows.. When he came out for his 2 song encore, he goes "Any requests?" Me and one other guy, behind me somewhere, yell FREAKSCENE, but to no avail <img> .. Ended with "The Wagon", picked up his pedals, and disappeared.. Very impressive performace…

    To all Freakscener’s in San Diego.. Get to the Casbah tonight, you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! <img> <img> <img> Also, look for a small, dirty, black Subaru with Mass. plates…

    It was my first concert in almost a decade, and it was well worth it.. Thanks J….


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    hEY Carl

    Thanks for this review
    Always cool to read those stories

    Hope J will come to Europe to play some (acoustic) shows



    I’ll be at the casbah tonight. Black cargo pants and a plaid buttoned shirt.



    Thanks for the review Carl <img>

    ps-I`m on the lookout for a black Subaru <img>

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