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    So, I’ve been looking around the entire internet and have found nothing, so I thought I might as well ask you guys.

    So, what kind of gear did J use on Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me, and Bug?

    any help would be appreciated!



    This kind of information is hard to come by, but he used the same Jazzmaster for all three records. It was a ’65 (perhaps a ’66). By Bug, he also had others (at least a brown one, as seen in the Just Like Heaven video), though in any live footage I’ve ever seen from the early years, J is always playing his first one 9the sunburst).

    For effects, J used a lot of Electro-Harmonix pedals, since they were out of business by the early 80s. Boutique and vintage equipment wasn’t as in demand and cool back then, so J got most of them cheap. He obviously had a Big Muff. You can also hear an Electric Mistress a lot, and by YLAOM, he had a Clone Theory too. His wah was a Crybaby. Nowindays, J has a huge board. But I really don’t think he had much more than this back then. There’s even an old melody Maker interview where J mentions his pedals, which helped shed light on what he had at the time.

    He had Marshalls from the beginning. it’s in all old live footage. Playing as loud as they did, J got a lot of natural overdrive, so i don’t think he had any sort of distortion/overdrive/fuzz pedals other than the Big Muff during the first era.



    J used a Gibson SG on Bug

    Read the Uncle Tupelo entry on Wiki.Scroll down to the section Recordings On Rockville Records.It says Sean Slade let Jay Farrar use J`s SG:




    never heard that one before….but now that you mention it, some of the songs on Bug do sound like they were recorded with an SG.



    here’s what I have settled on as being a comprehensive list of his stuff from back then:

    60’s Fender Jazzmaster w/ Tune-O-Matic style bridge
    Gibson Les Paul Jr Double Cut (SG style) [on BUG]

    Triangle or Ram’s Head Big Muff
    Deluxe Big Muff (built in Soul Preacher Compressor)
    Deluxe Electric Mistress
    The Clone Theory
    Stereo Memory Man

    "For those of you with a technical bent, J. uses two fifty-watt Marshall heads going into a Marshall one hundred-watt head, which in turn goes into two 4Xl2 cabs." – 1987 SST press release

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