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    Bucky Ramone

    I bought a new cd from Jon Auer today, it’s an ep called ‘6 1/2’, and it has got six and a half excellent covers on it:

    Bonnie & Clyde/Serge Gainsbourg (this is the half one, as it is an instrumental version, which is a shame, Steve Wynn has made an excellent English translation of this classic)
    These Times/Swervedriver
    Baby Bitch/Ween
    Green Eyes/Husker Du
    Love My Way/Psychedelic Furs
    Beautiful Stranger/Madonna

    Jon Auer was/is member of the Posies, one of my all-time favourite bands (they made a near-perfect lp/cd ‘Frosting on the beater’), live they were brilliant….

    Jon Auer and fellow-Posie Ken Stringfellow (he has a new solo-cd out as well, I’ve ordered it, but it’s probably stuck on an airport somewhere in the US [img]images/smiles/converted/frown.gif[/img] )
    were also in the Big Star reunion a couple of years ago…..
    (any Big Star fans out there????)



    The Posies were great,alot people hated them though,Buffalo Tom suffered the same thing I think,great bands who were sadly overlooked.
    I was talking to Allison awhile ago about the song"Grant Hart" which is a cool tribute to Husker Du,I like all the Posies albums I heard,Dear 23 is my fav,Frosting I would put in 2nd place.
    Big Star were great,I think dfkgurl said once she got Chilton`s autograph,which is pretty cool.13 is a great song,I like Magnapop`s cover of it.
    Auer also produced the first Pond album,which is a good album.


    Bucky Ramone

    ‘Dear 23’ is a great album as well, I think their later cd’s all had their very strong moments, but weren’t up to the same level as ‘Dear 23’ or ‘frosting…’. I just recently bought their box ‘At least at last, demos, live-recordings and whatnot 187 to 1998’ some amazing stuff on these cd’s as well (most amazing thing: a version of ‘Flavor of the month’ called ‘Oceanic Exploration’, recorded for some science-show on US TV…)

    I like Buffalo Tom, a lot as well, at the moment ‘Sodajerk’ is blasting out of my speakers….
    Great to hear that there is someone out there who has heard of Magnapop as well. I remember seeing them a couple of times in a very small club, both of the times guitarist Ruthie Morris left the stage after the gig with bleeding fingers (that’s ‘suffering for your art’ [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] )
    And Magnapop/’Thirteen’ is a great suggestion for my next ‘covers’-mix-cd, thanks!


    Bucky Ramone

    Me, myself & I wrote:
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font>quote:</font><HR> fellow-Posie Ken Stringfellow (he has a new solo-cd out as well, I’ve ordered it, but it’s probably stuck on an airport somewhere in the US )

    Well, UPS managed to get it across the Atlantic [a big thank you to them!], and it’s a beauty! The perfect pop-song doesn’t exist, but it’s nice hear that there are people like Ken Stringfellow who want to make that perfect song, and he’s coming close to it…..



    I remember seeing Stringfellow on tv with REM a few times,he was playing keyboards,I was wondering when we`re going to see a solo album by him,sounds like it`s good.
    I saw that A Camp album yesterday,you mentioned it before,might check that out soon.

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