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    joe strummer art exhibition


    Unseen pictures and memorabilia documenting the early work of JOE STRUMMER forms part of a new exhibition in LONDON.

    ‘Joe Strummer Past, Present and Future’ contains a cache of old photos as well as hand-written lyrics, concert setlists, drawings and tour mementoes, according to the BBC.

    Strummer had kept many of the items in his West Country home in the years leading up to his death in 2002. Now they are going on public display at a new exhibition at the London Print Studio in Harrow Road, West London.

    The area was synonymous with Strummer in his pre-Clash days, where he fronted The 101ers, so-named because they used to squat at 101 Walterton Road.

    Photographer Julian Yewdall, who took the majority of the pictures, was a founder member of The 101ers. He said: "Joe was a reliable guy with a lot of energy and a lot of determination. Pretty early on he had that leadership ability, he was very motivated. I remember him with affection."

    The exhibition has been organised by Walterton and Elgin Community Homes – the area’s housing association. It will also benefit the charity Strummerville – a community project for young musicians set up in his honour. 8)

    Published: 09-09-2004-11-48



    Strummerville… :aliensmile:

    Sounds pretty pleasing, I just picked up Elgin Avenue Breakdown by The 101ers off SS recently…great songs :!:



    wow that is so cool! I still am shaken by the loss of such a brilliant artist in many forms… the old songs still make me happy like a little kid…

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