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    I’ve been looking for the Fender model for quite a while, and I was wondering…

    1. Is anyone here selling the Fender model?
    2. What exactly does the Fender have over the Squier?
    3. Is there anywhere where the JMJMs are sold besides eBay?



    The Fender version was made in Japan vs China for the Squier. Also, the Fender has the rounder, vintage 7.25″ radius, and I believe the trem is in the traditional location, further from the bridge. Both are basswood and have an adjust-o-matic bridge. The Fender model has been discontinued, so I think used is your only bet.



    I found my Fender JMJM on craigslist for $650.00, you may want to check there. also may have people selling them or fender forums. Just place an add that states that you want to buy. $650.00 is a fair price.



    You can also try yakaz, a craigslist ad compilation site. I typed ‘yakaz j mascis jazzmaster’ into google and yakaz has several CL listings for both the Squier and the CIJ signature models:



    If you can find one for $650.00 it’s the deal of the year. My friend just bought one and it cost him upwards of $850.00. Dave’s had one for sale a few weeks ago for $750.00 and it literally sold in minutes flat. (My friend went to add it to his cart and it was gone as soon as he clicked the button.)

    Ishibashi occasionally offers them but then you’re looking at a $100.00+ shipping charge.

    The Fender version is top of the line in my opinion. Everything about it is to die for. The pickups are decent but I don’t think they sound anything like the pickups in the ’65 Jazzmaster I used to own. They’re kind of like Strat pickups disguised as Jazzmaster pickups. The Squier pickups are cheap entry level pickups…but they’re supposed to be fantastic nonetheless. Ususally the first thing to do with a new Squier is ditch the stock pickups, but most owners are leaving their Squier JMJMs as-is.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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