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    J’s cover of Leaving On A Jet Plane was in Alison Anders’ film ‘Sugar Town’. When J sent me a cd with the demos for the new album he included a copy of this because I had asked him about it. It will not be on ‘More Light’ or the first single ‘Where’d You go’. I suspect it will show up as a b-side on the next single (hopefully).

    I had it up for a while…. (long story I don’t want to get into again). I’ll if I can put up one or two more of the new tracks next time I talk to Ultimatum…

    And yes it was an electric version. Pretty great song with a good bit of feedback and such but still not venturing too far from the original song structure.
    I still think an earlier demo I had heard with J’s old management was a little more stripped down but I only got to hear it over the phone and my mind is playing tricks on me (homie)

    (–> Jeremiah

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    I had heard that the new album contains a cover of Leaving On a Jet Plane, but none of the track listings include it. Has this song been dropped from the LP, and if so, 1)why? and 2)will he release it on something else?

    Can anyone tell me what his version of the song sounds like, whether it’s electric or acoustic? I imagine it’s electric and sounds like a Radiohead song like Bulletproof off The Bends. But I’m guessing.


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