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    A few months ago I talked about jazz a bit in a thread,thought I`d post up more info,there`s some folks here who dig jazz and would like to learn more about it.

    Cannonball Adderley-A Florida alto saxophonist who recorded from the 1950`s to 70`s(died in 75),made his mark in the bands of Miles Davis,such as the famous Kind Of Blue album from 1959.He recorded a ton of albums during his jazz career and had in his bands musicians who went on to be famous,such as Joe Zawinul,one of the founders of Weather Report.
    albums to check out:Something Else(1958)features Miles Davis on Trumpet,classic album,includes"Autumn Leaves".
    Quintet In San Fransisco(1959)a popular record in it`s day for a jazz album,a great live set with a rockin pianist-Bobby Timmons and Cannonball`s brother Nat.

    Mose Allison-Tippo,Mississippi pianist/singer who began recording in the 50`s,still does today.Rock fans will know his name from writing "Young Man`s Blues" which The Who recorded on their Live At Leeds album.He`s a clever songwriter and mellow singer.His daughter is Amy Allison,alt country singer.
    album to check out-Greatest Hits(1957-1959)compiles some cool material from his days at Prestige records,includes"Eyesight To The Blind","Lost Mind" and "Young Man`s Blues".

    Gene Ammons-Chicago saxophonist nicknamed Jug,recorded from the 40`s to 70`s,his father was a pianist,he followed in his footsteps to become one of the great saxmen of jazz,he gets overlooked these days I find but he was a cool player.
    album to check out-with Groove Holmes-At The Black Orchid Inn-you Beastie Boys fans will know Groove Holmes name,they`re fans of him,he was a organ player,very cool guy,sounded great with Ammons,some of this album is live,hence the title,some in the studio,cool stuff indeed.

    Louis Armstrong-Armstrong needs no introduction,quite famous musician from New Orleans that recorded from the 20`s to 60`s(died in 70),one of jazz`s greatest musicians,Louis innovated jazz in the 20`s and 30`s,his trumpet playing was powerful,his singing deep and rough but with alot of heart.
    album to check out-The Hot Fives(1925-26)brilliant tunes from the early days of jazz in Chicago,on "Heebie Jeebies" Louis invented scat singing when he dropped the lyric sheet.

    Art Ensemble Of Chicago-free jazz band from the 60`s to 90`s,some members died so I`m not sure if they still play together much anymore.They dressed up in african clothing and face paint,played a bunch of instruments-bells,whistles,bongos,mixed in with their 2 saxes,trumpet,bass and drums line up,experimental most of the time but respected the history of jazz and black music from ancient Africa to the 20th century.
    album to check out-Nice Guys-a 1978 album on a german label-ECM,it covers the gamut of their eclectic approach,calypso to screaming saxes to Miles Davis`s influence.

    There`s some jazz ed for you,tell me if you dig it,I`ll post more up later.



    Can’t believe you forgot Weather report, Miles Davis, and Ron Carter



    I`ll get to them soon,Ron Carter`s coming up very soon since I`m going through this in alphabetical order.



    Albert Ayler-Cleveland Ohio saxophonist who was part of the free jazz movement in the 60`s,his wild playing made him a target of critics saying that he just wanted to make alot of noise.Tom Verlaine of Television said that he wanted his guitar to sound like Ayler; jazz saxmen over the past 30 years in the free jazz vein cite him as a big influence.He died in 1970 mysteriously,one story I heard was he was shot by a cop and pushed off a bridge.
    album to check out-In Greenwich Village is a classic album of free jazz expression,one piece-"Truth Is Marching In" was played at John Coltrane`s funeral,Coltrane always supported Ayler.These live cuts come from 1966-67.Violinist Michel Sampson was a big influence on John Cale`s viola work in the Velvet Underground.

    Chet Baker-trumpeter who played in what was called the "cool" style in California in the 50`s till his death in 1988 in Amsterdam,Baker also sang as well,his love for old standards and jazz standards was what he played the most.He was also well known for his drug addiction problems,something he never got over right up to his death.
    album to check out-Chet from 1958-59 is a great album focussing on his trumpet playing,all the tunes are slow and mellow,with a 6 piece band.

    Count Basie-one of swing music`s most well known band leaders,the Basie band got national attention in the 30`s in Kansas City,he eventually went to NY and became a top bandleader.Basie kept at it till his death in 1984,even after his death the band still lives on led by old bandmembers.
    album to check out-any of the Decca recordings are worth checking out for real swing music from the 1930`s,saxman Lester Young was a key soloist.

    Sidney Bechet-New Orleans clarinetist/saxophonist who spread jazz through Europe at the time jazz was becoming a huge phenomenom in the US in the late teens and 20`s.He recorded up to his death in 1959 and became a musical hero in France,where he spent much of his later life.He was a tough character,once challanged another musician to a gunfight because he thought the guy was saying that he played wrong.
    album to check out-The Legendary Sidney Bechet is a great collection of 30`s and 40`s stuff,including an early example of overdubbing with Bechet playing all the instruments.

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