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    hi all,

    j is in japan now, two tokyo shows are over, and two more to come on thursday (osaka) and friday (fukuoka).

    feb 24
    shibuya club quattro, tokyo

    1. thumb
    2. freedom
    3. out there
    4. tell the truth
    5. little fury things
    6. set us free
    7. same day
    8. ammaring
    9. no bones
    10. get me
    11. everybody lets me down
    12. sludgefeast

    13. if thats how its gotta be
    14. the wagon
    15. freakscene

    16. just like heaven

    feb 25
    shinjuku liquid room, tokyo

    1. the lung
    2. freedom
    3. out there
    4. tell the truth
    5. if thats how its gotta be
    6. little fury things
    7. set us free
    8. same day
    9. ammaring
    10. just like heaven
    11. repulsion
    12. get me
    13. everybody lets me down
    14. freakscene
    15. sludgefeast

    16. thumb
    17. the wagon

    it was great. i will come back for reviews.




    Hello, toshi,
    (my user name is toshie, so very similar)

    I also went to see J’s live for 2 days. It was really great!! :D :D
    Especially, I was really happy to hear "Sleage Feast" on live.! Since I saw J playing on the live video in this site, that song has been my favorite.
    In both days, I could feel that every boys and girls love J and really enjoy his playing. I was happy to be there and feel the enthusiasm.



    Thanks for the reviews & setlists :aliensmile:

    Sounds like people really enjoyed the shows, no doubt Sludgefeast just about knocked everyone over with the whole teethshaking power thing, love that song as well 8)



    Thanks Toshi and Toshie for the setlist and review :mrgreen: :aliensmile:



    wow, so cool to hear about the Japanese shows 8) :D :!:

    hey toshi thanks a lot for the setlists & toshie, thanks for the show impressions.
    Great to see that J & the Fog are appreciated in Japan, too :mrgreen:



    hey toshie et al.

    good to see someone from japan. i am posting my impressions. so here it goes…

    i would say the first night, at shibuya club quattro, was one of the best shows i ever seen. the play was perfect, the sound was the loudest, and at the same time, very clear. the set list was quite similar to the ones that were posted on this site, good mixture of new fog tunes and dino classics. i really enjoyed it.

    everyone seemed excited from the beginning, but the intro of out there, the third song, turned the venue into the mosh pit. for me, the peak came with little fury things, and my high time lasted until the end.

    and toshie, i agree with you. i was happy to hear sludgefeast, too. another screaming song just like heaven was enjoyable as well, and a good choice for the last song, i thought.

    j played the purple jazzmaster (with many stickers on the pickguard, his main gear maybe) for the whole show but the encore where he played black jazzmaster with brass pickguard.

    matt, the new bass guy, was great. he reminds me of mike johnson. i’m not sure why, but it could be because he was playing fender. or it could be because he was supporting j very well.
    i heard someone saying that "wow, mike (watt) is not around." i was another guy who thought like that, but i loved matt as well as mike. while mike does it very hot and plays very hard driving bass, matt does way cool and solid. i like both and i could enjoy the difference.

    george was great as always. i cannot imagine j playing without him, unless we have another j for drums.

    this was the first time seeing j live in the last eleven months, since i caught him in his acoustic (but plugged-in with fuzz) show. i liked the show a lot, but i gotta say that j is perfect when playing electric. now i wonder when i can catch him next time…

    anyway thanks a lot, j, george, and matt for coming all the way to japan. i really hope to see you guys again soon.




    Hi Toshi,

    Thank you for your great review. Your detailed review can clearly remind me of the show. Actually, I don’t know a lot about musical instruments but I enjoyed your review. :D I thought both shows were great but personally I prefer club quattro to liquid room regarding the live hall. Quattro is not so big and the atomosphere is good. I saw the last Dinosaur Jr. show there and it was also great.

    Anyway, I also want to thank J, Matt and George for your great show here in Japan.

    Now I feel kind of empty…because I was really looking forward to seeing the J’s shows in Japan and they were over… :cry:



    hi, toshi and toshie.

    thanks for your reviews, they’re very interesting reading. Looking forward to see them in europe one day. :D


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey Toshi(e),

    thanks for the setlists/reviews, must have been a couple of cool shows…. 8)



    Hey Toshi,
    I’m pretty sure that I know who you are. This should seal it… thanks for the charms that you gave us. As I am writing this from home, our travel was indeed safe. As for the shows that you mentioned, I would agree, at least from our perspective, that the Shibuya show was a good one. The stage sounded great, and the crowd was certainly enthusiastic. The Liquid Room was cool, as well, but my memory of it is less acute due the jet lag finally wielding it’s cruel hand. In fact, all the shows in Japan were cool. The only negative was some unruly monitors at the Fukuoka show. It made it really hard for us to hear each other. I don’t how many of ya’ll play in bands, or whatever, but shitty monitors are far worse than no monitors at all. There was a wierd bass drum rumble type feedback, along with some wierd high end thing. The worst part was that the frequencies were totally unsympathetic, creating a truly strange and distracting effect. Hopefully it wasn’t coming through the front of house, as I know that you guys pay big money to see foreign artists in Japan. To all the other folks out there, these fans in Japan have to pay 6,500 to 7,000 yen to see these shows. That’s roughly $55 to $60 dollars at the current exchange rate. Believe me, we are aware of that. Unfortunately, there’s not much that we can do about it. Hopefully you enjoyed it (as it seems that you have.)





    hey George, great to hear about the Japan tour out of your perspective :D
    Definitely cool to know that you travelled back home save and sound :P

    … it must be painful not to know about how the sound comes out for the audience due to shitty monitors
    :evil: :slap:
    And $55-60 for a show! that’s much! :shock: :!:

    hey, reading all the fine show reviews on this site & listening to the great show recordings of Charlottesville and Cambridge, it seems that these shows have been fantastic :mrgreen:
    …and of course we’re wondering about , you name it, more tour dates :?: :? :?:



    hi george,

    good to know that your trip was okay and you are at home now. and thanks a lot for your post here.

    i got flu this week… i was lucky because it didn’t happen during ‘the fog’ dates.




    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. The flu definitely sucks! I’m glad that you dug the Tokyo shows, however. As you know, it’s not everyday that we get to do shows in Japan. It seems as if we make it over there every two years or so. That is one reason that we like to make it count when we are there. Also, as J pointed out, the fans in Japan are very well informed, and they seem to care about the music. As a performer, what more could you ask for?
    As for the point that Flying Cloud made, it’s extremely disturbing to not know if the audience is experiencing the same horror that you are hearing through the monitors. In these cases you have to place your trust in your soundman. More often than not, the crownd isn’t hearing what’s going on with the stage monitors. By all accounts, our soundguy on this tour, Ajay Saggar, did an incredible job. We did three shows in the NYC area, and one in Boston. Thus, as most of our friends live in these two cities, we got plenty of feedback from people who have seen Dino/ the Fog countless times over the past eighteen years. The consensus was that Ajay was doing us right on the mixing board. Thanks, Ajay!
    As for future dates, we are going to be making up the snow-canceled show in Philadelphia, at the end of April. We might be doing a New York show, or two around the same time. That’s all for now.




    Any chance of a visit to OZ, i would luv to catch u guys for a fifth time!

    later trav 8)


    expect nothing

    thanks for the setlist and reviews sounds like this tour has beeen reaallly cool :) :mrgreen:

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