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    Hey gang, hoping you guys can help me out here. I preordered the new album about a month & a 1/2 ago via jagjaguwar. Included in the preorder bundle is a free download of the entire album available 9/4/2012. Long story short I never got an email or a download code for this ever elusive downloadable copy. What the heck, this really sucks! Anyone else have the same issue or am I just out of the loop? I could always steal the album from some blog, but my pc has a bad record of contracting some pretty nasty viruses so that won’t help. Did Jagjaguwar fuck me in the ass on this one and not at the very least give me the complementary reach-around?



    Check your spam folder, my email with the download code got stuck in there and I didn’t notice it for a few days.



    Email Jesse at scdistribution. After you check your spam folder. If the link has expired then send Jesse an email.

    [email protected]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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