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    The J & the Fog Westcoast tour in June was going great — and directly after that tour, J was on the road in Austalia and New Zealand, to open with a series of acoustic shows for Sonic Youth on their tour down under.

    here’s an overview over tour dates & venues:

    June 15: Canberra, ANU, Special guests: 99
    June 17: Sydney, Enmore Theatre, Special guests: Cassette
    June 18: Sydney, Enmore Theatre, special guests: Cassette
    June 19: Brisbane, Arena Ent Complex, Special guests: Candlesnuffer
    After the show in Brisbane on June 19, J will be guest DJ at the DEPOT club!
    June 21: Fremantle, Metropolis
    June 22: Melbourne, Ding Dong Lounge, J solo, w/o Sonic Youth,
    Special guests: Ground Components
    June 23: Melbourne, Forum, Special guests: Red Sun Band
    June 24: Melbourne, Forum, Special guests: Red Sun Band

    June 26: Auckland/NZ, Saint James Complex

    All the lucky guys & girls from down under who had the chance to see J and Sonic Youth on this tour, please keep us informed, and bring here what you have…. like reviews, pics or sounds :idea:



    Looks like J’s adding a solo show of his own, June 22nd solo show @ The Ding Dong Club, Melbourne. Also Appearing local act Ground Components.
    It’s an Indieinitiative show, you can get club & ticket info here :aliensmile:



    wow ! what a workaholic :shock: … good news for melbourne … 3 doses of j … :aliensmile: :aliensmile:



    Hey, I was at both shows in Sydney. Unfortunately, missed most of J’s set on the Friday (18th). Met the guy afterwards and he seems down to earth and a great guy nonetheless. Have some photos to share when I get my film developed.

    Somebody let off just as his MONSTER of a lead was coming in "Get Me". I had to hide under my jacket.

    Just thought I’d share that.



    I got tickets to both shows in melbourne so suck shit fuckers! :twisted:



    I’ll pass on the shit sucking, enjoy the shows though. Looking forward to the antipop review of the shows.


    "antipop" wrote:
    I got tickets to both shows in melbourne :twisted:

    There are 3 shows in Melbourne, June 22nd, 23rd & 24th :idea:

    Looking forward to those photos a8o 8)



    went to the enmore theatre show on friday night (18/6). just like last year’s solo session at the gaelic club, j was great.

    but j, if you’re listening…please bring the fog and your full set of fenders next time (like you did at newtwon rsl in 2000!!). i’ve many friends that bailed on friday cause of the solo factor.

    and robert, we must’ve been near each other cause i got a whiff of that thing as well.

    i should also mention that sonic youth were great. kim gordon is the sexiest 63 year old on the planet.


    purple fungus

    On Wednesday night 16/06/04 I was back stage with Chan Marshall from Cat Power, Claire Bowditch and later Thurston Moore and J was also there, he’s such an awesome guy :wink: and I was so lucky to spend a few hours in his company, I hadn’t even heard any of his music at that stage until Friday night 18/06/04 at the Sonic Youth concert and I just fell in love, I was blown away by his performance. I managed to record the last 16 minutes of J’s set (very muffled) and got 1 photo of J on stage (blurry) when he was setting up for himself, but then I was told off by some damn Enmore Theatre employee!

    Anyone who is going to see J in Melbourne and gonna get photos or got photos of him in Sydney or something, PLEASE send me some!!! I’d love to see him. :D

    Also, where in Sydney can I purshase J’s CD’s instead of ordering them online? Unfortunately, I had run out of money on Friday and couldn’t buy ‘Free So Free’ at the concert! :(



    hey kimba, thanks a lot for reporting back from the show :D
    hopefully J will bring a band next time.

    not sure about Kim Gordon’s age, didn’t she have the 50th b’day lately? but however, 50 or 63 is both beyond belief…



    hey purple fungus, thanks a lot for the story, great you’ve got to like J’s music during his show! :mrgreen:
    …I’m with you with hoping to see some pics of the tour :D :idea:

    I think it should be possible to buy Free So Free in Sydney, maybe you can email Dew Process, J’s Australian label, who released Free So Free in Australia. I guess they might know the stores you could check :?



    hi flying cloud. as i said, j’s enmore theatre show was great. he made it look effortless as he tore through a medley of dinosaur/the fog on his gibson acoustic cutaway i’m just itching to hear it all again full blown and with j on his mighty jazzmasters!

    he played about 15 in total – for me, "Not you again" "Set us free" and "Freakscene" were the highlights. a8o mentioned j’s monster lead in "Get me" and i must say that’d it’d scare most kids away.

    hi purple haze, re getting j’s CDs in sydney, just check out utopia records near the george st cinemas or even one of the jb hi fi stores. i find that some shops stock "More Light" and "Free so Free" amongst the dinosaur stuff so check under ‘D’!

    to the rest of y’all out there…take care.


    Bucky Ramone

    Thanks for the reports & stories to all of you, sounds like a couple of great shows…. 8) :lol:

    "Flying Cloud" wrote:
    not sure about Kim Gordon’s age, didn’t she have the 50th b’day lately? but however, 50 or 63 is both beyond belief…

    …..to quote AMG:

    Sources differ concerning the date and place of her birth, with some claiming she was born in 1953 in Rochester, NY, while others state that she entered the world in 1958 in Los Angeles, CA

    purple fungus

    Hey! Thanks guys, I’ll try contact Dew-Process and check out Utopia, etc :)

    Ok, because i’m new to J’s music, can someone tell me what the name of his last song was at the Enmore Theatre show on Friday? I keep listening to my recording trying to make out lyrics, but its so muffled and it distorts. I love that song. If possible, can someone tell me his play list? :D I’d appreciate it!

    So, is J really 38? I read that in Drum Media and wasn’t sure if it was right or not.

    When do u guys think J will be back in Australia next?



    Definately 38. Can’t you tell by his hair lol.

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