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    J Mascis & the Fog were playing a series of full band electric shows in cities along the US Westcoast, it was the first tour of the Fog with the new lineup:

    J Mascis (git, voc, JMascis.com)
    Dave Schools (b, from Widespread Panic)
    and Kyle Spence (dr, from The Tom Collins).

    On JMascis.com, there was a contest announced for the tour, the first 5 fans who brought working Marshall Cabinets, got in for free.

    From all show reviews we received so far on FreakScene.net, the tour went fine and the shows were great, thanks a lot to everyone who reported back from the shows. Any other media or fan reviews, pics or recordings are still more than welcome!!! we’ve got so far:

    June 04, 2004 in Seattle/WA, Showbox Theater
    Support: Crooked Fingers and Old Ghost

    June 05, 2004 in Portland/OR, Crystal Ballroom
    Support: Calvin Johnson and Mirah
    fan reviews by crazycloud and Drawrings

    June 07, 2004 in Petaluma/CA, Mystic Theater
    fan reviews by woodpatri & Zack

    June 08, 2004 in San Francisco/CA, Slim’s
    fan review by woodpatri
    a series of great pics by OSX

    June 10, 2004 in Los Angeles/CA, House Of Blues (Sunset Blvd)
    fan reviews by Shade, Carl, davidprops, mp, stanner, FightTestYoshimi, hickorywind & opy1971

    June 11, 2004 in Anaheim/CA, House Of Blues (Anaheim)
    fan reviews by JohnnyLowell2, umascow and Little Gal

    Jun 12, 2004 San Diego/CA Brick By Brick
    fan review by Beau, pics uploaded by *sophie*

    …and there have been some very promising mentions about several videotape and tape recordings, which have been made…



    lucky bastards, come back to New England fog style.. i’ll go to 5+ shows


    Pelt Sematary

    Geez, I just learnt (at jmascis.com) that in Portland The Fog will be supported by none other than the mighty Halo Bender Calvin Johnston AND ALSO Mirah! This is so not fair, I mean it’s hard enough to stomach that it’s been 3 1/2 years since the last full blown J Mascis band shows in Germany, and I’ve never seen Mirah live, and,… I just realized this rant is going nowhere. Anyways, J: Get on a plane ( a JET PLANE von mir aus!) and bring your band and some amazing support bands/acts like the ones mentioned above and come to Germany! Also, what’s with the new album? What the Schnitzel, awcmonnoyoucmon!



    hint hint: there’s a great way to get in the westcoast shows for free:
    re-read the first post of this topic, or see the latest news on JMascis.com :mrgreen: :!:



    All Night Radio just broke up – they won’t be on any of the dates. Sorry…



    thanks for the update, Barton, I took All Night Radio off the news here.
    …must be hard for a band to suddenly break up, when a tour already is planned :(



    I would love to hear from some folks who are excited about the shows! Come on Whats up? Are Y"all not jacked-up? Some of my home boys are coming to town with J, and here I find nothing but empty space.



    I second that!!! have fun you all who are lucky enough to be at the show tonight in Seattle (or on one of the other shows the next days) :!: :mrgreen:

    pleeaase inform us how it was!!! :idea:


    I would love to hear from some folks who are excited about the shows! Come on Whats up? Are Y"all not jacked-up? Some of my home boys are coming to town with J, and here I find nothing but empty space.

    + still there’s nothing but empty space … what’s up w/that ? :shock:



    Well rambleon, I have decided they must have no hardcore fans. :?
    Although at the last 40Watt show I met some fans, big J fans, who had never heard of the Freakscene web site.

    Washington State and Oregon, You have been declared LAME by me until further notice.

    OMG< I can’t believe I just wrote that, that sounds so 9th grade.

    BUT IT IS TRUE, I hope California can show out a little better.

    Isn’t OSX from California?



    yes, he is … plus rosa’s from california as well … :mrgreen:



    I will be at the show on the 10th.



    well me an a bunch ‘o friends B goin tomorree night @ slims here in sf,cali-
    i’m bringin somebodee who aint never seen j-so i said bring plugs an be readee to rox!
    s 8)
    caint wait…



    I’ll be at the San Diego show on the 12th. Anyone else, please contact me. All the free Marlboro lights you can huff (unless that’s more than 10 or so :))

    – Beau



    how ya doin…
    jus got back from the show @ slims and i’m sure my ears will be rotatin fer days-
    didnt know all the songs which is cool but the standouts fer me were:
    ‘get me’ &
    what magnificent displays of guitar wizzardree…
    it seemed j had no probs workin w/ equipment that werent hiz-or were it?
    i didnt see the normal shitload of amps and speaker cabs-so maybe some of that <fender> guitar into <fender> amp sound wuz amissin, but it still sounded good 2 mee and thats a good thing.
    cant wait fer more&more…
    s 8)
    np: DINOSAUR JR KEEBLIN’ Australasian tour Edition 1995 Bonus CD

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