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    I guess we’ll just have to hope for an extensive european tour soon. I mean. I would’ve loved to go to Hamburg to see the show. Or maybe go to London, since it’s closer. But thing is I got tons of exams in December so it’s no way I can go. And that sux in every possible way. But if you got the chance, jump on it!

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    Hello Boys

    Nice reading about all the concerts the band has played, because they doesnt go to Copenhagen this year. I envy you all.
    Im thinking about going to Hamburg in december but its far from here. Is it worth it? (sure it is, I know)




    I definitely recommend you make the trip, you will not regret it….incredible shows!!
    No Canadian shows this time either so round trip was about 1000 miles for me….and I won’t even get into the huge hit I took with the exchange rate (canadian cash sucks). I would do it again in a flash…hope I get the chance.

    So all I can say is go go go or you will really regret it.


    ps whats with the hey boys….lots of female Mascis/guitar fans ( just being a smart ass can’t help myself sometimes….welcome to the board)

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    Hey LarsDK,

    hoping you finally get a chance to visit one of the fog tour gigs. I believe there are still tickets left for Hamburg as well as for the Berlin show (which I’m goin to attend).


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