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    There are a lot of posts – "This is my fav song" or "This is my fav album." This site should do something similiar to The Wire album "WIRE 1985-1990:THE A LIST." The Wire album polled @40 music types and came up with a cumlitive list in the liner notes from #1 to #74. Chosen tracks 1-16 are on the album.
    Jeremiah we would need some wisdom on your part to make this poll happen.
    To date there are 284 active site members – lets do a poll of everyones fav song and album. Each member would pick only one of each.
    It would just be interesting with a hardcore Dino/J following to see what the trends are.
    Just a thought.
    Jeremiah maybe you can get into the producing biz with your first offering "J Mascis: THE A LIST" I’d buy it!

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