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    spotted j last night at the continental in nyc sitting in on drums with his friend jimy shield’s new group. jimy was formerly of lotus crown and before that a group called rollerskate skinny. kevin is jimy’s older brother. also in the group was suzanne thorpe who was (is?) the flute player in mercury rev. cool show.

    i also heard from someone at the show that j turned down an appearance with belle and sebastian that same night as they were going to do a cover of "freakscene" at their show and they wanted j to do a cameo. if anyone went to that show or knows of a recording of them doing the cover, let me know!


    the captain



    Capt Fish-too bad J turned down playing with Belle And Sebastian,that would be cool to hear that <img> always cool to hear what J is up to,thanks CF! <img>

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